2014: The Worst Holocaust Denial Video in the History of Holocaust Denial

More than taboo Holocaust What’s true and What’s false?http://vimeo.com/29866086Please pressure Vimeo to censor this video, before the video gets spread all over the Internet. We have been successful in getting this video deleted off of youtube countless times, but there are other web sites out there that don’t censor peoples first amendment rights. Please help.Second […]


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Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the Year 2014

Sai Baba – “All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.”Do you think this is a game? Hate is NOT growing exponentially on the Internet, but its web traffic visitation is.Why should 21st century hate be characterized as illegal thought crimes? Because thoughts become actions. The hate begins in the mind with […]


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Tribesmen fight security forces in south Libya near major oilfield

By Ayman al-Warfalli and Ahmed Elumami BENGHAZI, Libya, Sept 21 (Reuters) – Soldiers and police have clashed in the last few days in southern Libya, near the country's biggest oilfield, with ethnic Tibu fighters who had been trying to smuggle in fellow tribesmen from Algeria, medics and residents said. Up to 12 people have been killed in the fighting, which broke out on Wednesday and is …


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Petition calls for senior Yeshivah leaders to resign

Rabbi Avrohon Glick. Photo: jewishnews.net.au A grassroots Jewish group will this week call for the resignation of the two most senior members of the Yeshivah Centre and Chabad movement in Melbourne over the child sex abuse scandal in the 1980s and ’90s. The group will launch a petition to coincide with the Jewish high holidays calling for Yeshivah Centre spiritual committee chairman Rabbi Avrohom Glick and Yeshivah Centre chairman Don Wolf to personally apologise to the victims and resign from all positions of leadership in the community. David Cyprys, a former security guard and karate teacher at Yeshivah, was jailed last year for raping a 15-year-old boy in 1991 and sexually abusing eight other boys. Cyprys was employed in the security role, as well as appointed to youth group leadership positions, within the Yeshivah Centre, despite him pleading guilty in 1992 to a charge of indecent assault over an incident at St Kilda in 1991. Advertisement Former Yeshivah College teacher David Kramer was also jailed for molesting four boys while teaching at the school between 1989 and 1992. During his plea hearing, the court heard that in 1992, once Kramer’s offending became known, the management of Yeshivah College offered to pay for the teacher’s passage to Israel if he left immediately. He did and police were never contacted. Kramer reoffended and served four and a half years in jail for sodomising a 12-year-old boy. The petition, which is being distributed by the group Jews for Justice for Yeshivah’s Victims, says the abuse occurred when Rabbi Glick, a former principal of Yeshivah College, and Mr Wolf were responsible for the children’s safety and protection.


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Asian Games: Troubled Palestine advance in Asiad football

INCHEON, South Korea: Palestine advanced to the second round of the Asian Games football on Sunday (Sep 21), despite defeat to Singapore, and vowed to use their rise in the sport to spread some happiness at home. Two goals in the first 20 minutes by Muhammad Shafiq Ghani gave Singapore a surprise 2-1 win over the Palestinians. But the impoverished and restricted Palestinian team still topped Group C on a better goal difference over Tajikistan, who beat Oman 1-0 in their last game to claim the second qualifying spot. Palestinian coach Abdalnasser Barakat said the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza was constantly on the minds of the players. “We prepared well for the Asian Games despite the difficult situation at home. We organised trips to Bahrain, Qatar and Oman,” he said after. “Football is a very popular sport at home and we want to make our people happy by doing well. Our people have a right to live peacefully and enjoy sport.” The Palestinians will next play Japan, who beat Nepal 4-0 to secure second place in Group D behind Iraq. The Iraqis ended their qualifying group with three straight wins – hitting three goals past neighbours Kuwait in their final game. Humam Tarej Faraj scored two in the 3-0 win. South Korea also ground out a third straight win, 2-0 over Laos, to top Group A ahead of Saudi Arabia, who drew 0-0 with Malaysia in their final match. The group games end on Monday with China needing to beat Pakistan to avoid a humiliating exit from Group F. Second round games start on Thursday.


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Egypt to host post-Gaza war talks this week

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) Egypt will host a brief round of indirect talks this week between Israelis and Palestinians on a sustained Gaza cease-fire deal, as well as negotiations between Palestinian rivals Hamas and Fatah on who should run the territory, a Palestinian official said Sunday.


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Streaming Movie Cannibal Holocaust II (1988) Full Movie. – Video

Streaming Movie Cannibal Holocaust II (1988) Full Movie. Watch Cannibal Holocaust II (1988) Full Movie Free : http://moviestream.movievirtual.com/play.php?movie=0161849, watch Cannibal Holocaust II (1988) full movie, watch Cannibal Holocaust II… By: news movie hollywod Read More...

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The Scattering of Ukraine's Jews

War threatens a community that has survived the Holocaust and the Soviet era. A Jewish IDP from Luhansk eats lunch in the Shpola camp in central Ukraine. (Jol van Houdt) Aleksandr Zadov recalls the last time war forced him out of his home in Donetsk. The year was 1941, and Nazi troops were occupying the eastern Ukrainian city. He and his parents escaped under the cover of darkness to Kazakhstan. We lived in savage, barbaric conditions. But we survived and came back, the 77-year-old says. He reaches out to hold his wife Bellas hand. I would never have guessed that at our age we would have to deal with this again. The Jewish couple fled war-torn Donetsk in mid-July, living first in a ramshackle house in Lviv in the west of the country before relocating to Kiev in early August. We speak in a guesthouse beside the elaborately restored Great Choral Synagogue in the capitals historic Jewish quarter, Podil. Dozens of Jewish internally displaced people (IDPs) from eastern Ukraine have come through the guesthouse in recent weeks. I ask the Zadovs what they plan to do next. To go home of course, Bella says, a slight waver in her voice. She points to the diaphanous floral blouse she is wearing. We didnt bring anything with us. We left in our summer clothes. Ukraine’s Phantom Neo-Nazi Menace But going home looks increasingly unlikely as the carnage continues in eastern Ukraine, despite the signing earlier this month of a ceasefire between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists. The death toll from the conflict has now reached 3,000, the United Nations says. Donetsk, a once-thriving industrial city with a population of 1 million, is eerily empty, while the city of Luhansk remains besieged, with tens of thousands living in basements, without working phones, electricity, or running water. Lawlessness abounds in both eastern regions. Ukraines 70,000-strong Jewish community, the worlds 11th-largest, is undergoing what members describe as its biggest upheaval since the Second World War. While most of the countrys Jews live in Kiev, up to a fifth reside (at least until recently) in the conflict-hit east. Convinced they would return home after the fighting ended, many now face the brutal reality of all-out war on Europes fringes. Some are resettling elsewhere in Ukraine, while others are immigrating to Israel (an act known as aliyah). The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) estimates that more Ukrainian Jews will make aliyah this year than in the last three years combined. Through September 1 of 2014, 3,252 Jews had relocated to Israel from Ukraine, compared with 1,982 in 2013, according to the IFCJ, which helps foot the bill for the move. In 2012, that number was 2,030. The IFCJ expects to spend some $2 million this year on securing plane tickets to Israel and predicts the number of immigrants could hit 7,000, Yechiel Eckstein, the organizations founder, told me by telephone from Jerusalem. Under Israels Law of Return, any Jew in the world is entitled to Israeli citizenship. The war in eastern Ukraine has displaced 1 million people, the United Nations reports. Moscow claims the vast majoritysome 814,000have gone to Russia, where they have family and friends. An additional 260,000 are displaced within their own country. The consequences of this displacement, Antnio Guterres, the UNs high commissioner for refugees, recently warned, has the potential to destabilize the whole region. Jews in particular have a long and complicated history with Ukraine, having first arrived in the medieval state of Kievan Rus as traders. They were later pushed into the Pale of Settlement, a chunk of Imperial Russia that Catherine the Great carved out in 1791, and which encompassed most of present-day Ukraine. Despite repeated persecution in subsequent centuries, Jews generally prospered. They made up a third of Ukraines urban population before the Second World War and the Holocaust, when 900,000 Ukrainian Jews were killed. Such history partly explains why the recent upheaval is so harrowing for Ukraines Jewish community, much of which was painstakingly revived in the 1990s after the fall of Communism. After the Soviet Union broke up [in 1991], all that had been underground suddenly sprung upwards, says Dmitry Spivakovsky, director of the Jewish humanitarian agency Chesed Dorot in Cherkassy, 120 miles southeast of Kiev. The central Ukrainian city sits on the right bank of the Dnieper River, separated from Kiev by a long stretch of black earth that has been plowed with acrid-smelling compost. We had what youd call a renaissance, and it came through the children, who were suddenly going to Jewish schools and learning about Jewish holidays and traditions, says Spivakovsky, whose eyes light up when he boasts that he can trace his Jewish roots in Cherkassy back to the 1850s. Curiously, the cultural rebirth of the early 1990s coexisted with the mass exodus to Israel and the United States of hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews who were fleeing the poverty and chaos that followed the superpowers breakup. In the words of Spivakovsky, Thats why this war is a personal tragedy for everyone. Hundreds of displaced Jews from eastern Ukraine have come through the Cherkassy region in recent months. The citys Jewish school is setting up a boarding program for IDPs from the Luhansk region.


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Israel in 'grave breach' over informants

Pressuring Palestinians to pass on information to Israel is a violation of the Geneva conventions,says rights group.


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The Golden Dawn – Video

The Golden Dawn By: Antifascist Front

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Greece: Rapper killed by Golden Dawn supporter remembered – Video

Greece: Rapper killed by Golden Dawn supporter remembered A monument to commemorate the life of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas has been installed in Athens. The artist was murdered one year ago by a supporter of Greece's ultra right-wing Golden… By: euronews (in English) Read More...

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VOLKNOZ (guitar solo version) – Video

VOLKNOZ (guitar solo version) Coming soon first demo!! in 2014 The new golden dawn shone with the flame of victory! By: German volknoz Read More...

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TABLE-Israel industrial output -0.8 pct in July

Sept 21 (Reuters) – Israel's industrial production fell by a seasonally adjusted 0.8 percent in July after a 0.5 percent drop in June, the Central Bureau of Statistics said on Sunday. Production declined at an annual rate of 6.7 percent based on trend data between May and July. (Manufacturing production) (In percent; month-on-month change; seasonally adjusted) July 2014 June 2014* July 2013 …


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Building White Privilege in Orania – Video

Building White Privilege in Orania By: Ted Striker

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Why the "Knockout Game" trend is a myth. – Slate Magazine

Sean Hannity, “knockout game” truther. Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images I remember the summer of 2011, a story about a crowd of teenagers at the Wisconsin State Fair randomly attacking fairgoers went viral as a sign of a burgeoning race war. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel fanned the flames, calling the teenagers”rampaging youths” who caused “mob-like disturbances”: “Dozens to hundreds”? When witnesses can’t differentiate between 24 and 100, should we really rely on them to speculate whether a crime was racially motivated?One of the reasons the story gained so much traction could have stemmed from the fact that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the country, and it validated white residents’ fear that their black neighbors are dangerous. Now, the false trend story of black mob violence has cropped up again, as it seems to do annually, in conservative media outlets. (McKay Coppinswrote about this phenomenonin BuzzFeed last year.) The new scare is the “knockout game,” in which black youths supposedly attack innocent people just for fun. Conservative pundits decry the MSM for suffering from political correctness and whitewashing crimes perpetrated by black people, but amore reasonable explanation for why most media outlets aren’t devoting round-the-clock coverage to the knockout game is thatsorry, Sean Hannitythere is no hard data showing that it’s a trend. An important clarification: the gamedefinitely exists, and has been around for at least a couple of years. I’m not claiming the game doesn’t exist. But the idea that it’s reached epidemic levels, or that it’s only being played by young black people, is a fallacy. As Alan Noble convincingly writes, “Analyzing data is not as simple as watching some YouTube videos and Googling ‘knockout game.'” And when it comes to the knockout game’s supposed popularity, the data is almost entirely anecdotal: This is precisely the type of story meant to animate the deepest recesses of our lizard brains”Danger lurks around every corner! Identify your enemy!”At the epicenter of this narrative is Colin Flaherty, a writer for WorldNetDaily who probably has a Google alert set up for “black suspect.” He’s made it his life’s work to report any single crime perpetrated by a black person in the U.S. against a white person. In a recent blog post, he lists as evidence six separate crimes in Philadelphia over the course of two years, which share nothing in similarity except for the fact that they involved black people. Top Comment Imagine if another national “journalist” started doing the same for, say, any crime committed in Alabama, or any arson charge in the country. More… Imagine if another national “journalist” started doing the same for, say, any crime committed in Alabama, or any arson charge in the country. People would start to think Alabama was going through a crime epidemic, or that arson was becoming all the rage with criminals. That would be ridiculous, because it’s ridiculous to assume that a few unrelated counts of arson make arson an epidemic. But when you inject race into the equation, it conveniently aligns with the assumptions of people who happen to be racist.That’s the sort of twisted logic that justifies why more than half of the U.S. prison population is made up by black and Hispanic people, even though they comprise a quarter of the total population.


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The Final Score: NU beats UE Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1

“Ok lang. This is normal,” I reminded myself. College teams usually shoot like they’re wearing Rawlings leather baseball gloves on both hands during the first five minutes of a knockout game. But for NU and UE, that five-minute leeway became inadequate. Although UE started the game shooting three out of three, their sizzling start turned out to be a mirage. NU started the game shooting zero out of five. That was the true harbinger of things to come. The missing spree went from five minutes to eight, from eight minutes to 10, from one quarter to the next. The game became a captivating mess. Even after halftime, it became painfully clear for the Bulldogs and the Warriors, the gloves were never coming off. I figured, “Never mind if they miss shots until the sem-break, this is still a do-or-die game.” Miss me I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me blind I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me I know you’ll miss me blind The ball blitzed from end to end. It’s a phenomenon usually caused by short shots, long attempts, loud boinks and sharp clanks from both sides. Even if NU and UE hurled missed opportunities at each other, the overriding frenzy was undeniable. Possessions were cheered on like they were converted baskets. We realized we were still watching a shoot-out, sort of. NU shot 36 percent from the field in the first half. Remember UE’s three out of three start? They finished the first two quarters with five more field goals and 24 misses.


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Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Central State, Ad – Video

Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Central State, Ad WILBERFORCE — Rev. Al Sharpton spoke to a full house at Central State University Thursday night. This stop on Sharpton's college voters rally had a specific… By: WKEFandWRGT Read More...

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Megyn Kelly Confronts Pastor for Suddenly Stop Criticizing Al Sharpton – Video

Megyn Kelly Confronts Pastor for Suddenly Stop Criticizing Al Sharpton Download Audio: http://j.gs/4CDF Subscribe – http://q.gs/7YGzU Latest Videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsBiggerThanLife/videos. By: It's Bigger Than Life! Read More...

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UNCC NAACP Interest Meeting Sept. 29th 6:30pm Rowe 130. By: Uncc Naacp Read More...

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NAACP gathers to discuss recent crime sprees in Milwaukee – Video

NAACP gathers to discuss recent crime sprees in Milwaukee Michele Fiore reports. By: todaystmj4 Read More...

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7 8 14 Clay Aiken at Moore County NAACP, Pinehurst, NC Q&A 1 – Video

7 8 14 Clay Aiken at Moore County NAACP, Pinehurst, NC Q A 1 By: Chuck Findley Read More...

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NAACP talks training, transparency, use of force with 10 Utah police agencies

When it comes to policing in Utah, several law enforcement leaders and members of the NAACP see eye to eye on issues like training and body cameras. Tom Smart, Deseret News Enlarge photo LAYTON When it comes to policing in Utah, several law enforcement leaders and members of the NAACP see eye to eye on many issues. They want officers in Utah to wear body cameras during their daily patrols. They believe departments should provide an abundance of training. And they grow somber when they talk about shootings that leave either officers or civilians wounded or dead. Four departments across the state, including two in attendance at a panel discussion Friday, are currently investigating fatal officer-involved shootings that have occurred in just over a month. NAACP members from Utah, Idaho and Nevada opened their three-day conference in Layton with a conversation with 10 heads of police Friday representing departments from Ogden to Provo. “This is community policing. This is the dialogue we want to be having every day,” said Provo Police Chief John King, wrapping up two hours of amicable discussion that allowed the panel to explain escalation of force policies, transparency, training for officers and civilian rights when confronted by police. In response to the first question, however, only West Valley Police Chief Lee Russo and Weber County Sheriff Terry Thompson confirmed that their departments have citizen review boards that weigh in on civilian complaints and disciplinary issues. For the Unified Police Department and the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, citizen advisory boards provide input on policy and operations, but disciplinary issues are forwarded to the deputy sheriff’s merit service commission, Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder explained. The Department of Public Safety has a similar civilian board for Highway Patrol troopers, Col. Daniel Fuhr said.


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NAACP To Honor Pitts Siblings

The NAACP will host their second annual Wheeling Branch Freedom Fund Banquet, where they honor Rosie, Connie and Donald Pitts for their work in the community. Rosie and Connie Pitts have shared their singing voices with the community for more than half a century. The sisters have been part of many community’s families by singing at First Communions, weddings, awards ceremonies and offering comfort for the loss of loved ones. The Pitts sisters have lent their voices to various programs at churches, schools, National Day of Prayer, NAACP and Veterans Day Celebrations in various places. The NAACP will honor the Pitts Sisters as the first recipients of the Freedom Fund Community Award for their work with the families and organizations of the region. Bishop Donald Pitts, who passed away in 2009, will be honored as the First Freedom Fund Memorial Award recipient. Donald Pitts was a mentor to the youth at Wheeling’s Laughlin Memorial Chapel and a longtime leader in the black community. He was also past president of the Wheeling branch of the NAACP, where he had a prominent role in its development throughout his life. The banquet dinner will be catered by Ye Olde Alpha and hosted at the Wheeling YWCA. Interested people should RSVP by calling Karen Gordon Young at 304-780-7497.


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115kg x 3 @ 9 front squat – Video

115kg x 3 @ 9 front squat By: Tim Wise Read More...

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MidPoint | Bradley Blackman to discuss a D.C. 6th grade teacher – Video

MidPoint | Bradley Blackman to discuss a D.C. 6th grade teacher Former senior advisor for Bush Cheney joins MidPoint to discuss a D.C. 6th grade teacher who had her class compare Former President Bush to Adolf Hitler. By: NewsmaxTV Read More...

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Adolf Hitler`s Rise , The Colour Films. – Video

Adolf Hitler`s Rise , The Colour Films. Episode ~ 1. By: Sudhanva Katti Read More...

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The Tramp and The Dictator Documentary – Video

The Tramp and The Dictator Documentary A look at the parallel lives of Charles Chaplin and Adolf Hitler and how they crossed with the creation of The Great Dictator (1940). By: Charlie Chaplin Forever Read More...

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