The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2015

#1. The White Voice

#2. National Vanguard

#3. Storm Front

#4. Destroy Zionism

#5. Holocaust Handbooks

#6. White Girl Bleed A lot

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Anti-Semitic Holocaust Denial Goes Mainstream in 2015

Success!! We got one Holocaust denial video deleted on Youtube!

Look at how many videos we got SHUT DOWN:

Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners

Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners

David Cole Stein Goes to Auschwitz

Ernst Zundel Holocaust Denier

Auschwitz Gas Chamber Hoax

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax (2014)

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax (2014)

One Third of the Holocaust

One Third of the Holocaust

Last Days of the Big Lie

Last Days of the Big Lie

Eric Hunt’s Holocaust “Hoax” Museum

Friedrich Berg’s Nazi Gassing


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The Most Anti-Semitic Readings of 2015

Onward Christian Soldier by Donald Day

Donald Day was correspondent for Colonel McCormick’s Chicago Tribune in northern Europe for over 22 years. In 1920 he was invited to visit Russia by the Soviet representative in New York. But when he arrived in Riga the communist government refused to grant him a visa to enter Russia. He applied and waited for this visa for more than 20 years, until July 1940, when the Soviets annexed Latvia and gave him 24 hours to leave the country. In the meantime, the Kremlin was crawling with American correspondents who, unlike Donald Day, were quite willing to cast aside any integrity for the chance to laud the “great Soviet experiment” in accord with the dictates of the Ministry of Propaganda.

Day was the only American correspondent in Europe to be stationed north of Berlin. During these years he covered news developments in Poland, Danzig, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, visiting each of these countries several times a year. He also made a number of trips to Sweden and Norway for The Tribune.

In the United States Donald Day was considered an authority on Bolshevism and on northern Europe. Up until the time he began to be censored by his own publisher and eventually fired at the persistent urging of the U.S. State Department, his dispatches were published under his own name in The Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News and in 80 other large American newspapers which subscribed to The Tribune’s foreign news service. But when events began to develop in Europe that signalled the coming of war, the truth became the first casualty and Donald Day was cut off as the eyes and ears of millions of his American readers.

His book—appearing at a time when so many of us have been heavily influenced in one way or another by war propaganda—throws a considerable amount of fresh light on some old problems and recurring media deceptions.

Donald Day cast aside lucrative salaries, guaranteed pensions and the prospects of limelight prestige for a chance to observe, verify and report on the facts. This book contains some of his travels and adventures and also some first-hand observations of the countries and peoples he confronted in a long and interesting career.

Onward_Christian_Soldiers.pdf 14.3 MB!MR8xzQRT!nob1uwtHpWJpV3IS6LAx9lNWJH0hHPlwfvs_6m4vMB8

Donald Day

VNN Vanguard News Network Audio Book About Onward Christian Soldier

The Most Anti-Semitic Articles of 2015

100 Years Ago Today: The Trial of Leo Frank Begins

Leo Frank Trial Week One

Leo Frank Trial Week Two

One Hundred Years Ago Leo Frank Mounts the Witness Stand

Leo Frank Trial Week Three

Leo Frank Trial Week Four

Leo Frank Trial Closing Arguments

One Hundred Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty

Anti-Defamation League: One Hundred Years of Jewish Hate, October 1913 – 2013

Professor Emeritus of Judaic Studies: Leonard Dinnerstein’s Pseudo-history About the Leo Frank Case

Review of Tabloid Style Journalist Steve Oney’s the Dead Shall Rise: Who Really Solved the Mary Phagan Murder Case?

Did Leo Frank Confess to the Murder of Mary Phagan?

Atlanta Constitution Newspaper (1913 – 1915):

Atlanta Georgian Newspaper (April – August, 1913):

Atlanta Journal Newspaper (April – August, 1913):


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Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the Year 2014

Sai Baba – “All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.”

Do you think this is a game? Hate is NOT growing exponentially on the Internet, but its web traffic visitation is.

Why should 21st century hate be characterized as illegal thought crimes? Because thoughts become actions. The hate begins in the mind with thoughts, then comes to life with the action of the hate crimes, not vice versa. The book 1984 instilled this irrational fear of outlawing modern free speech when it comes to insensitive words at one end of the spectrum and thought crimes on the other end of the spectrum. Have you noticed that when someone thinks and then plans carefully about killing, rather than murdering at the spur of the moment, or even by accident, its called premeditated and has enhanced penalties? Have you noticed when someone commits a crime of violence with racism in mind, its called a hate crime? Thoughts proceed actions, not the reverse. Thoughts do matter, and certain thoughts should be made illegal, because they lead to hate crimes. If someone killed you because they didn’t like the ethnic variety of your hair, the shape of your nose or tint of your skin, wouldn’t you want people’s thoughts like that to have far greater fear of penalties associated and setup against them by our society? Think about it, murder because of aesthetics or ones beliefs is hate at its worst. If we could criminalize thoughts, it would go a long way to stop hate. The sites listed below are blocked in most countries world wide, and via some ISPs in the United States, but not others, making the fight to censor hate speech a long term battle.  Social media like twitter and facebook have given the fringe a new outlet to reach the masses and they are having incredible success. Send us a donation!

Hate goes mainstream

Gutter Racism and low grade web design is a lot harder to find these days on hate sites, which is why they are even more insidiously polished than they were in the last 20 years. Some hate sites are verging on looking like independent mainstream media sites that easily fool people. Haters are starting to appeal to the masses by false reason, through videos and imagery, rather than instinct. Gentile extremism and patriotic ethnocentric ideologies are centrally based on thoughts involving prejudice, bigotry and followed by open hate speech, falsely criticizing cultures, or alleged behaviors of other races (usually Jews). Yet at one time, not long ago, white separatist groups used to be at the fringe of society and have butt ugly web sites. Today far right organizations of every type have blossomed in number according to the superb research of SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees and Mark Potok. And concerning its cousin the ADL, Abraham Foxman in 50 years has transformed Anti-Defamation League into thee premiere international juggernaut of Jewish Civil Rights Organizations.

Many hate groups which were formed long ago and were relatively unknown to the masses less than a decade ago, are now mystifyingly moving toward the mainstream as of 2014. Yet despite the fact that 99% of Pro-White websites that ever existed in the last 20 years, have been forced off the Internet, new generations of savvy web-hate blogs have been launched with alarming slickness. Though some argue domestic extremists are only the tip of the iceberg, compared to Islamic extremism, which is definitely an even bigger threat to the Jewish people underneath the surface of the digital ocean.

These web sites listed below at one time got relatively little web traffic and very few people were interested in their social-political movements, but now they are in the top 1% of  Internet world traffic, in terms of new people landing upon them for the first time, and returning on a regular basis in hopes of updates! This is a shocking development, so don’t sit on your hands people! Please report Internet hate when you see it to us, on our contact page. Help STOP the HATE! The danger is that these sites are striving hard to look more professional, with every passing year. What do we do if they start looking like independent mainstream media sites, and capture millions of readers? They have the potential to radicalize the entire planet Earth and tip the balance against the Jewish people.

Tor Browser (surfing), Jitsi (chat) and cryptocash (bitcoin)

The biggest danger of these anti-semite-sites is that many of them are able to solicit donations through untraceable cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin for instance (there are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there now), or use the mainstream digital cash systems, like paypal to receive money. Though paypal has been cooperative when we ask them to delete people’s accounts we don’t like, so that isn’t so much of a problem, as other methods. In the past, credit card companies were easy to call and convince them to shut down these groups capacity to receive donations, but today, more of these sites are embracing the growing number of digital cryptocurrencies that simply can not be easily controlled. The number of cryptocurrencies are growing exponentially, helping to turn some of these extremist freaks into overnight millionaires due to their speculation. We must boycott bitcoin for bit-hate sake and every other cryptocurrency monetary systems that enables these kinds of groups to flourish cryptofascistly. We should be very alarmed by the fact extremist groups are embracing digital coins of every sort, because if the trend continues, they could use them to debase fiat money like US Dollar, Euro and Shekel, which are currently the world’s reserve currencies.

The other major problem is the NSA spy scandals (thank the asshole snowden and assange) have inspired extremists to learn how to use proxy servers, Tor Browser, Jitsi, Linux, PGP and encryption technology, making it nearly impossible to track them and read their emails. You might think this is an invasion of privacy, until 9-11 part 2 and realize that mass surveillance actually helps keep us safe from domestic terrorism. Have you noticed, there hasn’t been another 9-11? You can thank the NSA for that fact that mass spying actually works.

Submit sites for reporting

Please email us if you know of any hate web sites we missed or forgot to add to these list. We intend to report this growing list to the ADL or SPLC, and ask them to pressure the ISPs hosting these sites, to block them, shut them down, and delete them for good. We also intend to report this growing list to European countries to request that they block these odious view points. We have been amazingly successful in having hundreds of web sites blocked in countries all over the world. We are fighting Internet hate one site at a time. Us the contact form to recommend sites for monitoring.

#0. Metapedia

#1. David Duke

#2. Kevin MacDonald

#3. John de Nugent

#4. Rebel of Oz

#5. True Tube Video Sharing

#6. Destroy Zionism

#7. Storm Front

#8. Solar General and

#9. White Network

#10. Vanguard News Network

#11. Council of Conservative Citizens

#12. Unity of Nobility:

#13. Zundel Site

#14. Grizzom

#15. Leo Frank Library

#16. Kevin Alfred Strom

#17. National Vanguard

#18. Christian Truth Tellers

#19. Ugly Truth

#20. White Rabbit Radio

#21 Free America Rally

#22 Exposing the Holocaust Hoax Archive

#24 Violence Against Whites
– A web site that ignores the centuries of violence against non-Whites and Jews.

#25 End Zog

#26 Aletho News

#27 Total Fascism

#28 Holy War

#29 Hot K Blog

#30 Aryan Legacy White Transhumanism

#31 Culture Wars

#32 Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax by Eric Hunt

#33 European Knights Project

#34 What Really Happened?

#35. New Observer Online

DISCLAIMER: not all the sites listed above or below are anti-Semitic, some of them are deeply cryptic about it or not at all. Some of these sites are not anti-Semitic on this article.

More to come.
Thirty Five Web sites in the top 1% of web traffic in the world according to

This is a frightening development that so-called “White Liberationists”, “White Civil Rights” and “White Human Rights Activists” who are really nothing more than odious separatists, have moved from the bleeding edge fringe of social obscurity toward reaching the mainstream. Even worse is the fact that many anti-Semitic written works are being translated into every major European and Middle Eastern language. David Duke who wrote three major anti-Semitic books, has seen them translated by independent extremist activists into more than a dozen languages without the authors permission. Please monitor these hate sites, and report any other hate sites on the Internet that are popular, so we can contact their Internet Service Providers requesting to have them removed from the web.

35. White Genocide Project (729,537)
34. Racist Jokes (726,488)
33. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
32. ANU News (715,306)
31. White News Now (560,034)
30. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (486,368)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. (210,308)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. Total Fascism (155,609)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. VDARE (106,297)
8. British National Party (104,852)
7. Vanguard News Network Forum (83,704)
6. TruTube.Tv (71,377)
5. The Daily Stormer (58,629)
4. American Renaissance (53,290)
3. Metapedia (47,966)
2. Top Conservative News (46,982)
1. Stormfront (15,237)

Hate Chat:

Professional Mainstream Anti-Semitic Groups,0


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ADL: Killing of N.Y. Police Officers 'Heinous, Senseless, Shocking'

Wenjian Liu, Rafael Ramos Shot in Patrol Car in Brooklyn

Getty Images

Published December 21, 2014.

The Anti-Defamation League called the killing of two New York Police Department officers a heinous, senseless and shocking assault.

The officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were shot in the head through the window of their patrol car in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon.

Shortly before the killings, the gunman, identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, threatened to shoot two pigs in retaliation for death of Eric Garner at the hands of police officers in July. Im putting Wings on Pigs Today, Brinsley wrote on Instagram minutes before the attack.

Brinsley had traveled to New York from Baltimore, where he shot and wounded his girlfriend. Brinley killed himself after shooting the officers.

This was a heinous, senseless and shocking assault on two New York City Police officers whose only crime was in reporting for duty. It is hard to find words to explain why anyone would think it appropriate to kill police officers in cold blood, Evan Bernstein, ADLs New York regional director, said in a statement Saturday night.

Violence, particularly violence borne of racism or hatred, is never the appropriate response in a civil society. The rule of law must prevail. When men and women sworn to serve and protect the public are targeted for senseless acts of barbarism, our democracy suffers and society breaks down into lawlessness, Bernstein said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday ordered flags flown at half staff throughout the city.

Visit link:
ADL: Killing of N.Y. Police Officers 'Heinous, Senseless, Shocking'


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Celebrating Hanukkah In A Palestinian City

Amelia Wolf, an American Jewish student, stands near the gate of Al-Quds University, in the West Bank town of Abu Dis, where she studied last year. The wall behind her is part of the Israeli West Bank barrier that now separates Abu Dis from Jerusalem. Emily Harris/NPR hide caption

Amelia Wolf, an American Jewish student, stands near the gate of Al-Quds University, in the West Bank town of Abu Dis, where she studied last year. The wall behind her is part of the Israeli West Bank barrier that now separates Abu Dis from Jerusalem.

Amelia Wolf, an American Jewish college student, was living in the Palestinian city of Ramallah when the holiday of Hanukkah rolled around last year.

She liked the Palestinian family that was hosting her in the West Bank, but she felt a little lonely. She wasn’t going to celebrate in Israel, where she had friends and relatives, as she had other Jewish holidays.

And in Ramallah, she didn’t think it would be a good idea to put a holiday menorah in the window, in line with Jewish tradition. But when her Palestinian host mom and neighbors got wind of how Wolf was feeling, they brought chocolates and gathered to watch her light the Hanukkah candles.

Wolf says they listened “super patiently” as she explained in her “broken Arabic” the story of Hanukkah.

“Which is actually a story of resisting occupation, and also about resisting assimilation,” Wolf says.

Something she believes both Jews and Palestinians have a right to do.

In a land where tensions run high and Israelis and Palestinians have limited contact these days, Wolf had the unusual experience of having friends and relatives in Israel, while living among Palestinians for several months.

Wolf, now 23, is back in the U.S. now as a senior at Reed College in Portland, Ore. She is the daughter of a rabbi and Israeli history was woven through the curriculum of her Jewish day school. Wolf now calls it the “sanitized, smooth version” of history.

Read more here:
Celebrating Hanukkah In A Palestinian City


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France: Muslim attacks police, stabs one in the face, yells “Allahu Akbar” “Takbir”!

“Allah is greater!” Greater than what? Greater than your G-d.

“France: Man attacks police, yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ before being killed,” News Agencies, December 20, 2014, Israel News

Suspect entered police station near Tours, stabbed policewoman in face, and was shot to death while attempting to harm two other officers.

A man armed with a knife entered a police station in central France on Saturday in a likely attempt to harm officers. He attacked three police officers, wounding one, while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Local security forces shot him to death on the scene in Joué-lès-Tours, the largest suburb of Tours. Some reports suggested the two other officers were also wounded in the incident.

france jihad
Suspected terror attack in France (Photo: AFP)

Close to 2 pm local time (3 pm Jerusalem time), the suspect entered the police station and stabbed a policewoman in her face, and attempted to stab two other officers. A source familiar with the investigation told AFP that before he was shot to death by the local forces, he yelled the Takbir in Arabic.

French newspaper Le Figaro reported that the suspect ran furiously into the building. The three officers approached him and attempted to calm him down when he suddenly pulled a knife on them. The suspect wounded the officer in her cheek and ear, and tried to stab the other two officers while screaming “Allahu Akbar.”

A security official pulled out his firearm and shot him twice, killing the suspect. French police launched an investigation into the incident, which it believes to be motivated by terror; it was reported the suspect was an Islamist known for his radical positions.

“He is a Burundi native with a criminal record,” said the French news agency.

Read this article:
France: Muslim attacks police, stabs one in the face, yells “Allahu Akbar” “Takbir”!


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The Islamic State (ISIS) turning churches into torture chambers, selling Christian artifacts

And while Muslims by the tens and even hundreds of thousands will march against a YouTube video, a Danish cartoon, the Jewish state, and perceived insults to Islam, they stay silent in the face of the most egregious Islamic supremacist violence. Silence is sanction. Why are they silent? Because it is sanctioned, commanded in the Quran and those who speak against it don’t have a theological leg to stand on.
christianA woman walks inside a damaged church in Maaloula. The Christian town was attacked last spring by extremist forces. (REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki)

ISIS reportedly selling Christian artifacts, turning churches into torture chambers, By Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News, December 20, 2014 (thanks to DLH)

The Islamic State is turning Christian churches in Iraq and Syria into dungeons and torture chambers after stripping them of priceless artifacts to sell on the black market, according to reports.

Ancient relics and even entire murals are being torn from the houses of worship and smuggled out through the same routes previously established for moving oil and weapons in and out of the so-called caliphate, a vast region the jihadist army has claimed as sovereign under Sharia law.

“ISIS has a stated goal to wipe out Christianity,” Jay Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice and the author of “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore,” told “This why they are crucifying Christians — including children — destroying churches and selling artifacts. The fact is, this group will stop at nothing to raise funds for its terrorist mission.”

It’s not clear what items have been stolen, but the terrorist group has sought to destroy religious groups that don’t embrace its twisted and violent interpretation of Islam, and has already blown up several revered Christian sites and monuments.

Last July, ISIS militants used sledgehammers to destroy the tomb of Jonah in Mosul. Around the same time, they were destroying Sunni shrines and mosques in the northern province of Ninevah, including the Shia Saad bin Aqeel Husseiniya shrine in the city of Tal Afar and the al-Qubba Husseiniya, as well as Christian churches in Syria. The group follows a strict interpretation of the Sunni faith which is against idolatry of anything other than God. ISIS has also threatened to destroy the holy sight of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, have powerful historical ties to the region, and some of its most treasured sites and relics are in Iraq and Syria, according to experts. Their destruction or dispersal is tragic, said Shaul Gabbay, senior scholar at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

“The Middle East is where the three monotheistic religions begun and anything that can inform us about the history and chronology of the development of religion is of unparalleled significance to the core identity of anyone who is Christian,” Gabbay told “This is where Abraham, the forefather of the three monotheistic religions, came from, where Moses led the Hebrews to the Promised Land and where Jesus Christ was born, walked, died and was resurrected.

“Anything physical part that exists from the past including more modern artifacts is of extreme value to Christianity both at the informative and educational level as well as the spiritual/faith level,” he said.

Related Image
Artifact2.jpgExpand / Contract

A woman prays inside a damaged church in Maaloula, a Christian town in Syria. (REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki)

Experts believe Islamic State’s trafficking in religious artifacts is both to make money and to culturally cleanse the region. The Islamic militants have converted churches in Qaraqosh and other Iraqi cities into torture chambers, according to the Sunday Times. One priest from the region, who gave his name as Abu Aasi from Mosul, told the newspaper earlier this month that prisoners were being held in the Bahnam Wa Sara and Al Kiama churches.

“These two churches are being used as prisons and for torture,” he said while in hiding. “Most inside are Christians and they are being forced to convert to Islam. Isis has been breaking all the crosses and statues of Mary.”

Christianity is believed to be practiced by just three percent of the population of Iraq. They lived in relative religious freedom while under Saddam Hussein’s rule, but have faced persecution from Islamic State in the last two years. In particular, the Yazidi, a Kurdish Christian people, have been hounded and murdered by the extremist group, leaving many of them becoming refugees trying to escape the region.

“We know that ISIS considers several groups — including Christians — as ‘infidels without human rights,’” Sekulow said. “ISIS jihadists commit violence against fellow Muslims in violation of Islamic law. They routinely commit war crimes and engage in torture in violation of international law; and they also kill and threaten Christian, Jewish, and other religious communities.”

“In short, ISIS is composed of religiously motivated psychopaths,” he said.

See more here:
The Islamic State (ISIS) turning churches into torture chambers, selling Christian artifacts


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TV Cameraman: “The images haunting me since the Sydney Siege” jihad

Every day in every way, millions of Muslims across the world are waging a bloody jihad in the cause of Islam, and we are expected to remain silent about it. The only thing we are permitted (commanded) to do is congratulate and praise the Muslims who don’t want to kill us. It’s madness, bloody madness.

Here’s what the media shills never give you — the reality of jihad, up close and horrible. The victims, the terror, the bloodshed.

No, all we get from the media is islamophobia and fears of backlash.

“Three women were being forced to hold the [Islamic] flag — that image haunts me — they were my age, so terrified. Some had to stand there for hours. One fainted at the window…”

Channel 7 cameraman Greg Parker: The images haunting me since the Sydney Siege, By Greg Parker, Channel 7 Camerman, Sunday Telegraph, December 21, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth)

CHANNEL 7 cameraman Greg Parker watched the stand-off through the lens of his camera.

THE roads around work were already blocked off, I jumped out of the car grabbed my camera and tripod and entered the building through our garage.

I’d been told my colleagues Rod Herbert, Craig Andrews and Paul Walker had gone out into Martin Place to start shooting — they’d seen the black terrorist flag go up in the Lindt window.

This was big.

I went straight for level four where I knew I had a clear line of sight across to Lindt — our building was being evacuated by security and police.

I was told to go, but I didn’t leave. “We need this shot,” I pleaded.

On their next sweep the police told me I too had to go. I quickly put our 600mm long lens on. It’s called the Thredbo lens, which we used to capture Stuart Diver coming out of the landslide. But since then it’s collected dust and done nothing but the odd sports shot. I set up and left.

I managed to talk my way back and got back to the camera as the snipers arrived.

sieg syd1

During the evacuation of Channel 7, the sniper looks at the headshot achieved with the 600mm lens — and asks if Greg Parker can stay and keep filming through the Lindt Cafe windows. Picture: Courtesy of Channel 7

I told them to look at the shot. They were immediately interested. I had a headshot of the gunman, and they asked if I was prepared to stay. I said yes, they told me to stay down.

One sniper — I won’t say his name — was with me the whole time. Police asked for a live feed. Two technicians (Matt Hall and Gary Porter) managed the impossible — rewiring a deserted TV station.

sydeig 2

One of the images captured by Greg Parker as he kept his camera on throughout the entire siege. Picture: Courtesy of Channel 7

I’d let the sniper know when the hostages were moved, and where the gunman was.

He always had the gun.

The police would ask: Was he still wearing the backpack? Could we see the gun? Was he acting alone?

At one point I looked into window 3 — the gun was being held to a hostage’s head. This poor guy was totally passive — it was heinous to look at.

The sniper switched gears. His finger was on the trigger and his speech short and sharp — but the gunman remained concealed behind the wall. There was no clear shot. My pulse was racing, we felt so helpless for this poor hostage. He was trembling with fear.

Three women were being forced to hold the flag — that image haunts me — they were my age, so terrified. Some had to stand there for hours. One fainted at the window — the sniper and I were angry and wanted to see it end.

I had to put on a Kevlar vest a couple of times to adjust the Sunrise camera that’s downstairs.

At night I turned the “gain” right up on the camera, that’s why those shots are grainy. It was pitch black, you couldn’t see anything with the human eye.

The feed wasn’t broadcast live, and with such vivid images of the hostages and the aftermath, we wouldn’t want to.

We shot 15 hours of vision. It’s the golden rule to stay “buttoned on”.

When hunger kicked in we scavenged food off people’s desks. The sniper was appreciative of some mixed nuts and coconut protein balls. I kept getting him coffee and he was stoked.

In 16 hours he never took his eyes off the target. I’m in awe of him.

After 2am the first shot rang out — I had a visual of the gunman in window four. Another shot followed and the sniper said: “Hostage down.”

I was devastated. We saw guys go in heavy. The intensity of the noise, the extreme force, and the huge number of shots fired was incredible.

syd siege 4

The sniper with his rifle aimed at the Lindt Cafe windows.

The bravery of these guys to charge in when they knew this lunatic had already shot someone was huge. I wish I had that sort of courage.

You could hear and see the hostages screaming in pain from gunshot wounds, people were being given CPR. There was a lot of blood. I was speechless. Images you never want to see.

In the wash-up, as a father of two kids, my main though is that Katrina Dawson’s three children will grow up without a mum, and the other poor family has lost a son, so at the end of the day it’s just a tragic end.

I had hundreds of messages from family, friends, and colleagues across the media and world, asking what happened and how was I.

All I could reply is: “Such a sad, bad end.”
Police during the final minutes of the siege.

syd siege 5

Police during the final minutes of the siege.

See the rest here:
TV Cameraman: “The images haunting me since the Sydney Siege” jihad


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Fair Use Disclaimer

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Under the 'fair use' rule of copyright law, an author may make limited use of another author's work without asking permission. Fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. The fair use privilege is perhaps the most significant limitation on a copyright owner's exclusive rights.

Fair use as described at 17 U.S.C. Section 107:

"Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phono-records or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

  • (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for or nonprofit educational purposes,
  • (2) the nature of the copyrighted work,
  • (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, and
  • (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work."