The Most Anti-Semitic Website of 2016

The #1 anti-Semitic website of 2015 called  TruTube Video Sharing has been purged. This website was shut down after Jewish hackers in a multicountry attack wore out the owner of it and he gave up! VICTORY, thousand of hate videos were erased from existence forever and ever! The haters didnt get a chance to back up all the videos (we checked) so tens of thousands of hours in video making production has been expunged from existence. Special thanks to Hasbara Hackers United for their international work. Jewish hackers will see to it that eventually 100% of all hate material against Jews is erased from existence, no matter how many generations it takes.

The number #4 most anti-Semitic website of 2015 has been purged: Destroy Zionism No one had a chance to back up their immense collection of books and audio books, tens of thousands of hours worth of work erased from existence. Jewish hackers will see to it that eventually 100% of all hate material against Jews is erased from existence, no matter how many generations it takes.


For 2016, based on SPLC and ADL research, we have determined the Daily Stormer is the most Anti-Semitic website in the world. Please contact their ISP and demand they shut down this pernicious hate website, before its articles propagate all over the Internet in other languages. Anti-Semitism has been on the fringe since its epic defeat in 1945, but is moving toward the mainstream in 2015 and 2016 with websites like,, and being cited regularly by mainstream media sources.

1. The Daily Stormer: – One of the most popular alt-right hate news websites in the world. We were very successful in getting it blocked in several European countries.

2. Storm Front – the post popular hate forum in the world, blocked by Canada, and most countries in Europe. We were successful in getting this website blocked in Italy.

3. VNN Forum – Alex Linder is very dangerous, he is in the process of turning the most Anti-Semitic books ever written into audio-books. Don’t let those audio-books get spread on YouTube or other media sharing websites, please report this one to the authorities. We were successful in getting this website blocked in Italy.

4. Holocaust Deprogramming Course – do whatever it takes to get these videos deleted of YouTube, turn the pressure up. This website is blocked in Canada and Europe. Please help us get these videos deleted from YouTube before the propagandists use to download them and then re-upload it to other video sharing web sites. Tied for fourth is #5. Holocaust Handbooks which ranked as the fifth most anti-Semitic website in the world for 2015, make sure none of these books get listed on and we hope it gets shut down before its books get any chance to propagate

5. Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library – The kangaroo court trial of Atlanta B’nai B’rith President Mr. Leo Max Frank resulted in his conviction and galvanized B’nai B’rith to found Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith about a month or so later in October 1913. This horrifying research website by John de Nugent claims ADL was born in the blood of Mary Phagan and alleges the evidence against Leo Frank is what soundly convicted him, not Anti-Semitism. This hate website says it’s dedicated to undoing 100 years of “Jewish Supremacist” and anti-Gentile propaganda by making the original legal documents of the case available online. Please press everywhere to have countries ban it from the Internet. Please sign up to Wikipedia and lets try to remove any evidence that’s incriminating of Leo Frank on his article entry.

6. Sonnenrad TV – we were successful in getting TruTube.TV shut down after relentless attacks against them, but then its replacement sprung up to darken the internet with anti-Semitism.

7. OmniPhi Media – Using compelling graphics, stock footage and imagery to spread the specter of falsehood about Jews. –

#8. White Girl Bleed A lot (racist)

#9 Metapedia – the anti-Semitic alternative to Wikipedia, which haters claim is controlled by Jews.

#10. is so anti-Semitic that it needs to be listed several times.

#11 White Rabbit Radio

#12 Council for Conservative Citizens

#13 American Renaissance

#14 Creativity Movement

#15 What really Happened

#16. Abate the Hate

#17 Kevin Alfred Strom who is described by the SPLC as the last intellectual of the White supremacist movement.

#18. Veteran News Now

#19 White Biocentrism *Dangerously Fermenting*

#20 Renegade Broadcasting

#21 The White Voice

#22 The PDF Archive

#23 The West’s Darkest Hour

#24 Iran Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest

#25 John De Nugent’s Holocaust Deprogramming page (Please try to get all these videos deleted off the Internet!!)

#26 Daily Stormer

#27 Incogman

#28 David Duke

See below for 2015: The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2015

2015: The Most Anti-Semitic Websites of 2015

The Most Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites of 2015

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2014: The Most Anti-Semitic Websites of 2014

Suppression Experts: The Most Effective Way Of Censoring Hate

Special thanks to a follower of for recommendations. “They Can’t” has been at the forefront of getting videos deleted and censored off of many video sharing sites. More than 1,000 hate videos and counting have been shut down!!! The key is to get the hate videos deleted as quickly as possible, before people can make copies of them using many of the apps available and then post them on other video sharing sites. This web tool is making it possible for haters to download videos and then re-upload them elsewhere.

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