Samantha Bee’s Most Awkward On-Camera Moment Involves Al Sharpton and a Breast Pump –

For the comedic genius behind Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, you might think picking out her most awkward moment on camera would be tricky but the Emmy-nominated writer/host was able to pick it out in an instant.

Sitting down with PEOPLEs editor-in-chief Jess Cagle for the rapid-fire Cagle Exercise, Samantha Bee opened up about her fears, loves and everyday life.

The one thing I wish I was allowed to do on television is

I literally get to do everything I want on television and I dont know why, the formerDaily Showcorrespondent said. I feel that there is no terrain left for me to conquer in terms of how hard I have pushed it. But anyway, still employ me TBS!

I am beyond grateful that ___ is open 24 hours

I am beyond grateful that New York City is open 24 hours! I need it to be open Its not important for you to know why Im on the street at 5 oclock in the morning, but sometimes I am and there so many people all around. Im always very happy to greet the world.

My recurring nightmare is

Its so stupid! But its true. Its that Im waitering and I have a table of people who ordered different-flavored milkshakes and Im working at a restaurant with no milkshake maker. Its horrible! I wake up in a cold sweat.

If I had to kiss one celebrity right now it would be

I dont like celebrities, the actress, who was named one of TIMEs 100 Most Influential people in 2017, quipped. They pretty much all have trench mouth.

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What keeps me up at night is

If you watch my show, I think you know what keeps me up at night, Bee said of her famously funny criticisms of the president. Also, last night before I went to bed I ate a massive bag of dill pickle chips and thats what kept me up.

The funniest person Ive ever known is

My husband! she added of her partner in love and work, Jason Jones. Hes amazingly funny and thats why I married him. Thats what keeps our marriage sexual!

The most awkward moment Ive ever had on camera is

I once interviewed Al Sharpton while an electric breast pump pumped my breasts under a blanket. He was answering questions like a proper human being and all you could hear was this like slurp, slurp, slurp. It was really loud and amazing.

Full Frontal with Samantha Beeairs Wednesdays (10:30 p.m. ET) on TBS.


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Samantha Bee’s Most Awkward On-Camera Moment Involves Al Sharpton and a Breast Pump –

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