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After the endless barrage of exchanges of the past weeks, some appallingly hate-filled, some grossly apologetic and some shamefully inept, let me say one last thing: The man in the Oval Office is a RACIST.

The man is also a narcissist and therefore, cannot think beyond himself or see past today but unfortunately, he along with his presidency are well on their way to becoming a disgraceful chapter in the saga of the world just as the vile words and abhorrent actions of Hitler will forever be etched in the annals of history.

So here is my modest reminder to our elected officials, particularly those who are part of Trumps world:

1. Those who preach hate against those who are different are WRONG.

2. Those who oppose those who preach hate against those who are different are RIGHT.

The only logical conclusion therefore is that TRUMP IS WRONG. It is now time to lose sight of party affiliations, set aside partisan politics, shed the need to win arguments and/or point fingers because there is one and only one morality. So put away your ego, stop this egotistical man and stamp out the Nazis he is protecting. It really isnt that hard to stand up against hate. Remember the little girl who had the gumption to denounce hatred and uphold love even when pitilessly hunted down simply because of the faith she was born into? The world was a bit late in stopping the madness then. We paid dearly by losing millions of precious lives and generating countless lifeless hearts that continue to grieve to this day.

Lets not let history repeat itself. We know better now. Upstanding citizens of the world and sentinels of this great democracy know that you have been given a second chance and endowed with the power to change the course of history which keeps writing itself unforgivingly. Do what is RIGHT for the sake of history. Stop him and stop the hate.

Rumni Saha

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