Former Anti-Racism Group Chief: Linda Sarsour Is a ‘Bigot’ Who Shouldn’t Have Been Invited to CUNY – Heat Street

FormerAnti-Defamation League (ADL) chief has slammed Linda Sarsour as a bigot who shouldnt have received an invite from the City University of New York to give a commencement ceremony speech.

Linda Sarsour, a radical Palestinian-American activist who worked with groups linked toHamas and has promoted Sharia Law, has become the leading figure behind opposition to President Donald Trump after she organized the Womens March back in January.

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand even paid tribute to the activist in a TIME article, claiming she is, together withother organizers, the suffragists of our time.

More recently, Sarsourwas invitedto deliver the commencement address at the City University of New Yorks School of Public Health (CUNY), sparkingcriticism from multiple Jewish organizations, citing Sarsours views towardsthe Jewish people and Israel.

Former ADL leader,Abraham Foxman, who was in charge of the organization for more than three decades before he wassucceeded byJonathan Greenblatt in 2015, has attacked Sarsour and claimedshes a bigot.

Foxman, now the ADLs national director emeritus, toldThe Algemeiner: Shes a champion of equal rights, except when it comes to Jewish rights.

She plays that game, I love Jews, I dont like Zionists. Well, Ive got news for her. Every Jew whos a Jew prays to Jerusalem, says Im eshkachech Yerushalayim, (If I forget you, Jerusalem.) So this is a throwback to 1948.

On the topic of Sarsours looming address at CUNY, the former groups director said thatShe is an enemy of Jewish sovereignty and Jewish liberation. Shes a bigot, and she shouldnt have been invited [to CUNY].

But since the university has already done the damage, Foxman notes, her addressshouldnt be cancelled so as to avoid making her a free speech martyr. Instead, CUNY should learn about her views and distance themselves appropriately.

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Former Anti-Racism Group Chief: Linda Sarsour Is a ‘Bigot’ Who Shouldn’t Have Been Invited to CUNY – Heat Street

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