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The People v Leo Frank Film, Short Summary Review:

In terms of a brief review and summary of the People v Leo Frank, it is ultimately an unforgivable and profoundly dishonest Jewish propaganda film, which like every other Jewish-position (Frankite) film and book created in the last 100+ years on the subject, predominantly cherry picks, spins and manipulates facts on behalf of Leo Frank, exalting him, transfiguring a Jewish pedophile, rapist and strangler – a convicted murderer affirmed by the entire U.S. legal system – into an innocent and stoic hero of anti-Jewish injustice.

The worst part about the docudrama is not only the outright re-writing of history on the case to the benefit of Leo Frank and Jewish victimhood, but this propaganda film is less overt in its essence, perpetuating an ugly century-old Jewish ethnoreligious blood libel smear against European-Americans associated with the Leo Frank case, suggesting European-Americans are without reason blindly prejudiced anti-semites, who orchestrated a vast anti-Jewish conspiracy to railroad and frame an innocent Jew, Leo Frank, for the most unjust reasons possible.

The Leo Frank case has become a deeply insightful doorway into the collective Jewish mind, revealing that Jews are eternally an ego, tribal and race obsessed people, forever accusing everyone else of being anti-semites when it benefits them.

From the Gentile point of view, the ultimate conclusion of the Leo Frank case and the endless Jewish media circus created around it, is it reminds us historically, Jews have waged an eternal cultural and race war against Gentiles and that we either fight to the bloody death in a no holds bar world war or we peacefully separate for good. There is no 3rd option, allowing them to live together with us in our countries only causes us the most profound suffering possible by this self-tortured people.

The People v. Leo Frank, Long Winded Review:

You just read the brief summary and review of this docudrama movie, if you would like the long winded and loquacious version, continue reading.

Pseudo-Scholarly Docudrama, The People v. Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank tells the self-deceiving and one-sided Jewish version of the Mary Phagan tragedy, perpetuating myths about the Leo Frank case in the style of a fictionalized docudrama, giving the false impression of respectable academic credibility and 3rd person scholarly neutrality. Ultimately when the film is distilled to its essence it is nothing more than an arrogant, base, crass and insolent pack of half truths, outright lies, conspiracy theories and antisemitic smears directed at European-Americans. The People v. Leo Frank is another reminder that Jews are genetically innate ego obsessed and relentless in waging racial, tribal and culture warfare against European-Americans. There can be no forgiveness for a people who has turned a prominent Jew and president of B’nai B’rith, from a pedophile, rapist and strangler into a martyr of Gentile anti-semitism and then used this pedophile to wage a culture and race war against Gentiles.

Preaching to the Choir and Creating New Converts, The People v. Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank might be best described as serving two important purposes for the Jews and Leo Frank partisans (Frankites), one, it provides an up-to-date, as of 2009, Jewish media regurgitation, creatively spun, for reinforcing the 100 year old Jewish position on the Leo Frank case, and second, it makes a pretty good attempt at being a successful proselytizing propaganda video for recruiting new Frankites. For more information on what a “Frankite” is, read Watson’s Magazine issues Jan, March, August, September and October 1915.

100 Years of Lies: The People v Leo Frank

The People v. Leo Frank is like every other film created by Jews about Jews, mostly half-corny, mellow dramatic, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, narcissistic, self-deceiving, self-serving, ennobling and emotionally exalting. Like countless others, the film is yet another broken-record rendition by the Jewish media, creating another representation of the heroic and Promethean Jew, struggling stoically for justice and Freedom amongst the eternally antisemitic and hostile Gentile world.

Most people are wondering, why are Jews always trying to move into Gentile countries and live amongst Gentiles when they are always accusing them of being racist and anti-Semitic? The answer is because the sum total of Jewish Identity is the mellow dramatic theme replayed historically, represented by a neurotic Jewish love-hate and homo-erotic sadomasochistic relationship with Gentiles – the Jew cries out in pain as he slaps you, runs away and calls you an anti-Semite.

What The People v. Leo Frank Really is: an Attempt to Rehabilitate a Pedophile, Rapist and Murderer

The People v Leo Frank was created for the purpose of attempting to rehabilitate Leo Frank from what he will forever be remembered as, first, a little man with a very small penis who suffered from a napoleon complex and who abused his power, rank, authority and position as a high-profile factory boss. Second, Leo Frank will always be remembered as a child-molester, child abuser, pedophile, adulterous whore monger, child rapist, strangler and convicted murderer.

A Rehabilitation and Reminder to Jews that Gentiles are all Conspiratorial Monsters

The inane rehabilitation attempts on behalf of Leo Frank by the Jewish community will not only attempt to transfigure him from the most loathsome type of man, into the highest and most noble, but Frank will take on a new permanent role as a high holy Jewish religious figure, one to be added to the Jewish holy books.

A New Cultural Icon is Born

After 100 years of propaganda by the Jews, Leo Frank has become a new cultural chapter in the spiritual and religious texts of Judaism, a stoic victim who was persecuted and railroaded, martyred by a wide spread antisemitic conspiracy and an injustice U.S. legal system. The end result is Leo Frank has become the spiritual patron fatherly symbol and martyr of antisemitism in the United States.

Did you know Leo Frank CONFESSED to the murder of Mary Phagan?

Ironically, Leo Frank virtually confessed to strangling Mary Phagan during his murder trial statement he made to the judge and jury on August 18, 1913. If you study the Leo Frank case and read the closing arguments of Hugh M. Dorsey and Frank Arthur Hooper at the trial which are available within American State Trials Volume 10 (X) 1918, and then read Tom Watson’s crystal clear analysis of the Leo Frank murder confession in the August and September 1915 issue of Watson’s Magazine, you will learn why the Jews despise Tom Watson with such foaming at the mouth fanaticism, simply put, because Watson articulated the Leo Frank murder confession so deliciously. Jews are forever trying to suppress the fact that Leo Frank confessed to the murder at his trial on August 18, 1913.

The People v Leo Frank Pretends to be Neutral and Deceives the Public

The film mostly feigns neutrality, by presenting itself as a legitimate docudrama, but for those who have studied the details of the Leo Frank Case, the film is nothing more than the most grotesque example of re-writing history on the Leo Frank case as of 2009, almost a century after the murder of Mary Phagan and the lynching of Leo Frank.

More specifically, how it was done

Presenting the Leo M. Frank Case in a pseudo scholarly manner is achieved by interspersing throughout the storyline carefully selected sound bites, and edited segments of face to face interviews, from numerous people who are knowledgeable about the Leo M. Frank case and Southern history. The story is then woven through a contrived and dishonestly biased path, in a way to leave people in doubt about Leo M. Frank’s real guilt and ultimately feeling righteously indignant about the possible antisemitic railroading he suffered. This aggressively promoted position presented to a duped public is the century old Jewish defense side of the Frank case and it represents a blood libel smear created by Jews against European-Americans.

The Perfect Fall Guy: Leo Max Frank

The Jews claim Leo M. Frank was also wrongfully framed and railroaded as an innocent Jew in the wrong place at the wrong time, by a blindly bigoted people looking for anyone to punish to quench the anger over the murder of Mary Phagan. The claim by Jews is the negro Jim Conley was not worthy enough, because he was black and a janitor.

Weird Jewish Race Obsessions: White Racists Secretly Love Guilty Black Rapists Who Strangle Little Girls, but not Innocent White Jews

The Jews and Leo Frank partisans (Frankites), like Elaine Marie Alphin, make the absurdly outrageous claim that racial separatist White Southerners would rather chose to blame for murder a well educated “innocent” White Jew named Leo Frank, who created hundreds of jobs for the community, over an uneducated alcoholic “guilty” Negro sweeper.

This insolence insult is the Jewish way of instigating of a global race war between the descendants of Europeans and Jews.

Gentiles hate Jews so much, they let them live in their countries.

This anti-Semitic conspiracy is one the Jews believe has been going on for more than 5,000 years, despite the fact the European non-Jew founded United States and has given Jewish people more opportunities, wealth and success than any other country in the last 5,000 years – not even Israel can make this claim of offering Jews so much wealth, power and success.

Meet Some of the Frankites like Steve Oney

The Jewish position on the Leo Frank Case is an opinion which tends to spin, manipulate, embellish and contradict the real facts and evidence of the case, with numerous types of published texts re-writing history, including various books and articles by Oney, Dinnerstein, Alphin, Goldfarb, Golden and many other Frankites that dishonestly tell their openly biased and history re-written versions of the Leo Frank story. These books are unanimously written from the Jewish position and leave out huge volumes of damaging facts against Frank. None of them talk about the Leo Frank murder confession of August 18, 1913.

The Wailing Wall: The Eternal Successful Victim

The Jewish and defense position about the Leo Frank Case embraces racial victim-hood and persecution with somber infantile and childish emotions of us vs. them, turning the Case into a mellow dramatic mini Holocaust of sorts and Tom Watson the precursor of Adolph Hitler.

Jewish Supremacism

To see the true power of the Jewish community, they turned out corrupt Georgian Governor John M. Slaton in 1915, like a high-priced hooker, making him trade his soul for a satchel of shekels. Slaton commuted the death sentence of Leo Frank to life in prison, having him transferred to a minimum security facility and ensuring his cell was comfy and cozy with nice cotton bedding, a radio and wind-up record player. See: Slaton’s written remarks and justification concerning the commutation he made on behalf of Leo M. Frank and how Slaton actually compares Leo Frank to Jesus Christ and himself to the Governor Potius Pilate (you have to read it to believe it) in a pathetic attempt to sooth the rightfully enraged Christian public, but the toady appeal was totally transparent and ultimately back fired. 5,000 people marched on the home of Slaton and if it had not been for the national guard shielding him from the protesters, Slaton would have gotten his own dose of justice.

Governor John Slaton was a Part Owner of the Law Firm Representing Leo Frank

John M. Slaton, betrayed the Constitution he swore to uphold and violated his oath of office in the most brazenly obvious way. When Slaton became a senior legal partner and part owner of the law firm representing Leo M. Frank as the legal defense team, Slaton did what basically amounted to commuting the sentence for one of his own business clients, Leo M. Frank.

The Distorted Jewish Mind

All of the numerous Hollywood style films produced by Jews have unanimously reflected the rehabilitation views of the Jewish community at large for more than one hundred years and it shows the true ugliness of Jewish media control. By using their vast media clique to re-write history and shit on the truth, the Jewish controlled media has turned a pedophile rapist and strangler into the leader of a new sect of Judaism called Frankaism.

“Based on a True Story”, Code word for Jewish Spun Propaganda

This film although biased, is based partly on a true story about the real life strangulation of 13 year old little Mary Phagan on that infamous Saturday in the early teens of the 20th century, right in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The 85 minute film highlights and briefly covers selective parts of the events in this case and carefully leaves out volumes the important facts against Frank.

Film topics covered include the murder investigation by the Police of Atlanta, Georgia and the Pinkerton Detective Agency hired by the National Pencil Company, both the unanimous decisions of the Coroners Inquest Jury and Grand Jury Indictment are not covered. For your information, a Coroner’s inquest Jury of seven men voted 7 to 0 (Coroner plus 6 Jury men), to have Leo Frank held for murder and reviewed by a Grand Jury for the strangulation of Mary Phagan. A Grand Jury of 21 men which included 4 Jewish members voted unanimously 21 to 0 to indict Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan, and then a court of 13 men, a Judge and a Jury of 12 men, voted unanimously 13 to 0 to convict Leo Frank of murder. A grueling 2 year appeals process essentially affirmed all the earlier unanimous decisions from the trial verdict of 13 to 0, Grand Jury verdict of 21 to 0 and Inquest verdict of 7 to 0.

In the film the trial is partially covered, but spun in favor of Leo Frank. The conviction and death sentence judgment are barely highlighted. Even worse, the movie failed to really cover the cheesy, slapstick and frivolous 2 years of grueling tooth-and-nail appeals by Leo M. Frank. The Majority decisions of every single court level, from the Superior and Supreme Court of Georgia, Federal District Court and United States Supreme Court issued majority decisions that essentially amounted to the entire United States Court System upholding the verdict of the Judge and Jury.

Meet Steve “BalOney” Oney

The Governor’s controversial commutation was spun nicely with Steve BalOney’s bullshit in the shaft theory, turning Jim Conley’s Poo-Poo in the elevator shaft into the smoking gun (or the steaming pile) to exonerate Leo Frank. The mob lynching was covered, but not the interesting conversations on that 4 hour night drive leading to Leo M. Frank’s lynching.

Jewish Supremacist Power to Pardon a Child Molester, Rapist, Abuser and Murderer

The story concludes with the aftermath and eventual highly political Jewish power broker pardon WITHOUT EXONERATION of Leo Max Frank in 1986.

Yes, after a zillion legal reviews, everyone supports the verdict of the Jury. No one, not even Governor Slaton disturbed the verdict of the Jury.

Over a dozen appellate Judges affirmed the guilty verdict, and all of these Judges had studied the trial testimony and evidence meticulously, as their job fully required of them by the Law and Constitution of the United States. What the film left out was that in the calm quiet quarters, where no false accusations of mob terror could even remotely be possible, every appellate decision affirmed the guilt of Leo Frank from the Superior Court, State Supreme Court, District Court and United States Supreme Court.

What the film leaves out, is the virtual murder confession Leo Frank made on the witness stand on August 18, 1913, when Leo Frank told a packed court room of 200 people, a Judge and Jury, that he might have “unconsciously” gone to the bathroom in the metal room, during the time of the murder and put himself in the very place the prosecution spent 29 days trying to prove was the real scene of the murder – the infamous metal room.

Jewish Film Production and Consultation:

The 1913 Mary Phagan cold case murder crime story ultimately resulting in the mob lynching of Leo Frank in 1915, is re-created, filmed and creatively spun by Jewish producer and director Ben Loeterman. Steve Oney, Jewish author of ‘The Dead Shall Rise’ (a book alleging the total sum of the ‘Leo Frank Case’ was a vast Antisemitic conspiracy and that Conley did it) acted as chief consultant for the storyline and he also served as assistant director. Steve BalOney Oney is interviewed extensively throughout the docudrama speaking face to face with the viewers of the film through his metaphorical hexagram rose colored glasses, about his carefully selected version of the historical events. Oney even gets to play an extra in recreated dramatized scenes.

A Noble Lawyer Corrupted by Jewish Money and Pressure

The story is narrated with a period southern accent in the first person by a fictionalized version of prosecution team member, lawyer William Smith, who represents at the trial one of the star witnesses, factory sweeper Jim Conley (The man the Jews accuse of really committing the murder). Through the course of the fictionalized film, William Smith becomes more and more convinced Jim Conley was the actual murderer after the commencement of the murder trial, even though the entire appeals process to exhaustion affirmed Leo Frank’s conviction.

Smith eventually becomes senile, succumbing to a degenerative brain disease, but before dying of dementia and brain damage, he scrawls a kindergarten style barely legible death bed confession, that he believes Leo Frank is actually an innocent man of good character. This is despite the overwhelming evidence against Frank in real life from the ‘Leo Frank Murder Trial Brief of Evidence’, which is available for download from

The People v. Leo Frank Film Begins:

The film story starts momentarily in 1915 with a dreamy Leo Frank in a black and white prison jump suit, winding up an old fashioned record player, sighing, leaning and silently cooing like a gay love bird, listening to opera and then “William Smith”, the fictionalized narrator in an obnoxiously slow drawl speaks of the strength of Leo Frank’s marriage (yet his wife Lucille Selig Frank specifically mandated she did not want to be buried with her pedophile adulterous husband and her wish was fulfilled). Then the movie flashes back to the pencil factory basement at sometime around 3:00 to 3:15 AM on Sunday, April 27th 1913 where the lantern beholden night watch, Newt Lee, finds the dead body of Mary Phagan, a little girl who had been killed the afternoon on the day before, April 26th 1913, at 12:05 to 12:10, maybe 12:07.

From there the true story deviates on in a fictionalized Jewish manner unfolding on the infamous day, Saturday, April 26th, 1913, Confederate Memorial Day. There is brief discussion about the Southern holiday being celebrated, as in reality the few remaining Confederate veterans a the time would march through Atlanta, Georgia, or ride in slow moving vintage cars with the tops down as they wave to cheering crowds of onlookers and Southern patriots.

The story continues with defensive embellishment and half-truths about the specific events leading to and after the disappearance and murder of Mary Phagan. The entire purpose of the film is to leave you doubting that Leo Frank committed the murder, the spin and half-truths used to achieve this are done up exceptionally well. This is another Jewish Hollywood deceptive propaganda film at its best.

Read the Official Brief of Evidence

The Brief of Evidence in the Leo Frank Murder Trial ratified by both the prosecution and defense team tells the real story of Leo M. Frank’s guilt without all the Jewish bias, it is available online on and

The nexus of the story is after Phagan walks alone into the virtually empty pencil factory at just minutes after noon on April 26th, 1913. Phagan had been temporarily laid off on the previous Monday, because metal supplies had been fully depleted and not replenished yet. Phagan went to the factory to pick up her final pay of $1.20 and find out if the metal shipment had arrived yet or when it would arrive. Leo Frank was the last person to admit seeing her alive before she was killed by him.

Frank Lured Phagan into the Metal Room to Find Out

Frank lured Phagan into the Metal room when Mary asked him if the supplies of metal had come in yet, Frank told her he didn’t know, using that statement to lure her into the metal room. The aggressive sexual predator Leo Frank attempted to make a move on her, she resisted and he beat and raped her, then followed by strangling her, so she would not report it to her parents or the police. Mary was murdered just down the hall from Frank’s 2nd floor office in the metal room, and her blood stains and hair were found there, and a bad attempt had been made to cover them up by Leo Frank.

Leo Frank told Jim Conley to move the body of Mary Phagan to the basement, and then gave Conley $200 to stuff her in the basement furnace, but Jim stopped short of putting the body into the oven. Frank requested the money back and promised it to Jim Conley later if he would stuff the body of Phagan into the cellar oven.

On the way to the Pencil Factory: 11:45 to Noon, April 26th

Before Mary got off the trolley at noon to go into the pencil factory, she had agreed to meet up with her friend sitting with her, co-worker and neighbor George Epps, they had planned to watch the Confederate parade together at two o’clock in the afternoon. Mary had told Epps that Frank had winked at, made inappropriate and aggressive sexual advances toward her, which naturally scared her.

More than a Dozen Female Employees Testified to Frank’s Aggressive Sexual Tendencies

Epps words would take on significant importance, when more than a dozen teenage girls employed by the pencil factory would come forward to say Frank was a sexual predator and had a really bad character for lasciviousness.

The Sweeper and Former Book Keeper

Two male employees testified that they had participated in some capacity in Leo Frank’s whoring escapades, one as a lookout and the other a whoring participant. Leo Frank was using and allowing others to use the factory for whoring purposes.

April 26th, 2pm to Twilight

Epps watched the parade alone from two to four o’clock wondering why Mary stood him up. At night, Epps who lived just around the corner from the Phagan residence, ran over to her house the evening of April 26th, asking why Mary stood him up. It turns out that Mary Phagan was missing since the late morning of April 26th 1913. Phagan was last seen by her mother at 11:30AM finishing lunch, just as Mary was leaving her home that very morning to catch the Trolley to go to the pencil factory and get her pay from Leo Frank.

April 27th, 3:15 AM in the Morning

The next day, in the early hours of April 27th, 1913 at three o’clock in the morning, the African American night watch Newt Lee goes to the basement of the Pencil Factory to use the “negro toilet” and after finishing up his business, he discovers the slumped body of a little girl in the gloom. She is found on a garbage pile strangled with a cord dug into her neck, her face was ground and soiled with dark soot, her undergarments were torn and bloodied. There is no evidence of a struggle taking place in the basement, she seemed to be dumped there according to the police investigation.

April 26th, 4PM

Earlier in the day, Newt Lee had arrived early to work at the request of Frank, and when Newt arrived, Frank who was normally calm, cool and collected, came bustling out of his office frantically and made newt leave the factory for another 2 hours, so Frank could presumably finish up the last part of the clean up job. Newt said he was tired and asked if he could please sleep in the packing room, but Frank refused and told him to go out on the town and have a good time. Frank practically pushed his employee Newt Lee out of the factory for another 2 hours.

April 27th, 3AM

Three O’clock in the morning, after discovering the dead body, the nightwatchman Newt Lee then attempted to call Leo Frank for almost 10 minutes, because Frank was the superintendent of the factory and after Newt Lee the night watch had no success, he then calls the police and one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history rocks the nation and Jewish community.

Back to the biased Jewish propaganda movie:

After arresting and questioning several people, the movie contends, the police begin to hone in, narrow their focus and allegedly scapegoat the “Northern Industrialist Jew” Leo Frank, who is Mary Phagan’s boss at the pencil factory. A clean cut, married man, president of B’nai B’rith, and well connected in Jewish circles, Frank is questioned and statements are taken.

Two Faces: One for the Public and One Behind Closed Doors

Frank is a well educated Cornell educated engineer from New York City and is a prominent and high profile member of the Atlanta Jewish community and Jewish philanthropic circles, which represented an important part of his exterior mask reputation. However his behind closed doors character was that of a sexual predator and whore monger, as revealed by over a dozen female child labor employees who formerly worked at the factory. Frank was regularly using the factory for trysts with child prostitutes and propositioning his teenage and pre-teen employees with money for sex.

Strange Behavior After the Murder

Leo Frank was the last person to admit seeing Mary Phagan alive at noon in his office and several people who came in and out of the factory after the murder had presumably occurred, reported Franks behavior was very unusual, weird and suspicious that afternoon, like the nightwatchman fall guy. Frank’s body language had betrayed him, he was acting very nervous after the murder and was aggressive in getting people to leave the factory, like the nightwatchman fall guy.

Frank had a weak alibi and a poor defense:

Frank’s murder trial becomes a free-for-all may-lay of racial stereotypes, prejudice, bigotry and racism from his own defense team against the African American janitor who had admitted to being an accessory after the fact of the murder. The Frank legal defense team also resorted to blaming religious bigotry, race hatred and Antisemitism as the reason Leo Frank was brought to trial. The Jewish community and powerful Jewish groups would continue these accusations, especially the ADL of B’nai B’rith, even today, these accusations are still made continuously.

Frank is finally found guilty by an alleged “mob terrorized” and “intimidated” Jury which is “eager to convict”, largely on the “perjury” of the state’s coached star witness, Jim Conley and several other factory girls who testify Leo Frank has a bad character for aggressive sexual predatory behavior, child molestation and lasciviousness.

Jim Conley the Real Murderer?

The People v Leo Frank is the latest Leo Frank dramatization by the Jewish community, like many contemporary treatments and media films of the subject, allege Jim Conley to be the real murderer and Leo Frank the fall guy of global antisemitism. Even though the trial testimony and evidence overwhelmingly points to Frank’s guilt.

Frank’s lawyers appeal the murder conviction as many times as legally possible, through every level of the court system all the way up to the US Supreme Court several times. The state and federal court judges review the evidence and testimony, they overwhelmingly vote to NOT disturb the Jury’s verdict and in affirming Frank’s guilt again and again, the accusations of Antisemitism continue even to this day.

Fully Exhausted ALL appeals

After fully depleting and exhausting all appeals and options in the court system, the Leo Frank Defense team is left with one last final option. Leo M. Frank requests a commutation from the Georgia Governor (a complete conflict of interest and betrayal of political oaths as Governor) John M. Slaton, who was a law partner and part owner of the law firm representing Leo Frank at his murder trial, committed one of the worst and most audacious acts of nepotism in US history.

National Letter Writing Campaign

Throughout the trial and appeal process, The New York Times, big money figures and the Jewish Community unite, leading a nationwide crusade with various national and regional newspapers to publicly create the false impression the people of the United States wanted Frank to be exonerated. Meanwhile, a successful marketing campaign from the Jewish community leads to a massive letter writing campaign outside of Georgia, flooding the Georgia Governors mailbox with tens of thousands of letters asking him to commute Leo Franks death sentence. The success of the letter writing campaign is a testament to the organized success of the overtly clannish Jewish Community and their adroit ability to use their big money effectively, but it was seen by the people of the South and in the State of Georgia at the time as undue and vile outside meddling, fanning the flames of rage and resentment.

June 21 1915

At the eleventh hour, the outgoing Governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton in what might be described as criminal cronyism taken to the extreme and a gross conflict of interest, concluded against the Coroners Jury, Grand Jury, murder trial Jury, the state, district and federal court system.

After Slaton finally receiving countless thousands of fan letters requesting mercy for Leo Frank and “discovering new evidence”, Governor John M. Slaton felt that Frank overwhelmingly had not received a fair trial and commutes Frank’s death sentence to life in prison during his last days of office as Governor on June 21st, 1915 (just one day before Leo Frank is to be executed by hanging).

Leo Frank Gets Shanked

A prisoner named Greene, uses a seven inch butcher knife and slashes Leo Frank’s throat, because of the heat and humidity, the wound is slow to heal.

August 16 1915

One hot and humid night in the pitch of darkness on August 16th, 1915, an elite group, some of Georgia’s most prominent men, break into the prison with the alleged help of the prison officials and guards, then successfully abduct Leo Frank. They drive him all through the night to an oak grove near Mary Phagan’s hometown.

After driving all through the night, exhausted, the sun begins to rise. The final destination is Frey’s Mill, Frank is taken from the vehicle in his handcuffs and shackles, a noose is put around Frank’s neck, and the small table on which he has been hoisted onto is kicked out from under him. That same day morbid gawkers come by in packs, flocks and droves to rip pieces of cloth off of Leo Franks swinging, dangling and twisting body, as souvenirs. One person is said to have stomped on Leo Frank’s face after he was cut down from the tree.

Grandpa Senile

Just 69 years after the 1913 murder trial, a senile Alonzo Mann with a mountain of medical bills comes forward to the press after pressure from a Jewish partisan from the ‘Tennessean Newspaper’ and Mann confesses that he witnessed Jim Conley (the alleged real murderer) carrying the body of Mary Phagan, presumably down to the basement, instead of using the elevator. The testimony offered nothing new, because Jim Conley admitted at the trial to being an accessory after the murder, and admitted he was asked by Frank to move the body to the basement.

With Alonzo Mann long deceased in 1986, the Anti-Defamation League could now use Mann’s affidavit to secure Leo Frank with a highly political posthumous pardon, however the board did not exonerate Leo Frank of the murder. And because Mann was dead, no one could ask him any questions or cross examine him. It was a shady and Pyrrhic victory for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Jewish community and all the other Jewish groups involved in attempting to get full exoneration, but failed.

Leo Frank is still guilty today, but the Jewish Community makes it seem like his pardon was an exoneration.

THE PEOPLE v LEO FRANK weaves a story with recollections, commentary, interviews and a rich treasure trove of selected archival documents and images. Will Janowitz (The Sopranos) is Leo Frank and Seth Gilliam (The Wire) plays Jim Conley, with a script drawn and spun selectively from the Trial Records.

Download The People v Leo Frank, 2009

Watch the People v. Leo Frank

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