Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers take part in Thomasville rally – Times-Enterprise

THOMASVILLE Throngs of people took part in a rally on Magnolia Street on Monday evening.

The rally was in response to a Thomasville-Thomas County drug squad shooting that claimed the life of a suspect.

The rally began at the shooting incident scene on Magnolia Street and was led by Sir Maejor Page of Black Lives Matter Greater Atlanta. Members of the Southeast Region of the Black Panthers, some who also carried weapons, were also in attendance.

The march moved through the Magnolia Street neighborhood toward Broad Street, going through downtown Thomasville. Thomasville Police Department blocked off sections of downtown as the rally briefly stopped at the intersection of Broad Street and Remington Avenue.

Marchers moved to the Historic Courthouse and the Thomas County Judicial Center and down Madison Street.

Chants of “no justice, no peace, hands up, dont shoot, among others rang through the downtown Thomasville Streets.

The march concluded at Magnolia Street.

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Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers take part in Thomasville rally – Times-Enterprise

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