Supporters rally to get Colin Kaepernick a job – New York Post

Colin Kaepernick may still be out a job but theres plenty of people who are on his team.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside NFL Headquarters on Wednesday to voice their outrage over the quarterback not being signed ahead of the 2017 season.

The United We Stand rally was in full swing as of 5 p.m., with countless fans standing along Park Ave, chanting Stay Woke! and holding up signs that said NFL Blackout and Kaepernick We Kneel With You.

Some wore shirts, which showed the former 49ers star taking a knee and portrayed his signature afro as the black power fist.

Many invoked former athletes turned protesters, including Tommie Smith and John Carlos, as well as Muhammad Ali.

The crowd, which was joined by several celebrities and prominent figures including rapper Kurtis Blow and Palestinian-American political activist Linda Sarsour called for a boycott of all things NFL.

As far as Im concerned no fantasy football, no NFL packages, no going to the games which we usually do a couple times a year, said Mitchell Stevenson, a 56-year-old Giants fan who traveled from Hamden, Connecticut, with a crew of family and friends.

Done, he said firmly. Thats it.

NFL owners have been avoiding Kaepernick like the plague after his national anthem stunt last year.

The QB is still seeking work with just two weeks left before the season starts and unless another teams star is injured, wont likely be on a Week 1 roster.

Fans outside the NFL headquarters on Wednesday said they believed Kaepernick is being unfairly blackballed for simply utilizing his first amendment rights.

The rally, which was promoted by Spike Lee and others, was ultimately organized by a group of individuals who believe the 29-year-old deserves to play in the league.

I think Kaepernick getting a job is start, said Eddie Googe, a 50-year-old Cowboys fan from Connecticut who called on the NFL to use its immense power to unite the country.

The league needs to do a better job with social justice issues, he said. Its almost scary how much influence they have. You have these billionaire owners sitting in their offices. Theyre sending a message now that theres a right and wrong time to stand up for social justice issues. Theres never a wrong time. They need to change their message.

Many people have spoken out against Kaepernicks actions saying hes shifted attention away from the issue of police brutality and instead placed it on himself.

What Kaepernick did was stupid, its ineffective, FS1 co-host Jason Whitlock told FOX Business on Wednesday. It started a big conversation about Colin Kapernick and I think hes very happy with that. I think he lvoes the attention, I think he lvoes being a martyr and a celebrity. Theres gonna be a bunch of foolish people right out in front of the NFL headquarters today and protest, not police brutality, but whether some multi-millionaire quarterback has a job. Thats a joke.

Some wore shirts, which showed Kaepernick taking a knee and portrayed his signature afro as the black power fist.

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Supporters rally to get Colin Kaepernick a job – New York Post

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