Charles Krauthammer seems to think Steve Bannons fate will …

Charles Krauthammer claimed during the Thursday airing of Special Report With Bret Baier that he felt White House chief strategist Steve Bannon Scaramucci-ed himself after giving a wide-ranging interview to American Prospect.

Bannon in the interview undermined President Donald Trumps North Korean rhetoric, and claimed that theres no military solution to the conflict with the country. He also excoriated white nationalists, which he called clowns, losers, and fringe elements.

After his abrupt interview went viral, it was reported, however, that Bannon did not think his comments were being recorded, or had been on the record at all.

Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor, addressed Bannons interview and compared it to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramuccis explosive and exposing interview with the New Yorkers Ryan Lizza, which was said to have a part in his ouster.

Krauthammer on Thursday claimed that he believed Bannons actions, however, were not part of a greater plan to distract the country from the presidents bad week, and instead, could be extremely damning to his reportedly tenuous relationship with Trump.

I think Bannon just got Scaramucci-ed, Krauthammer told his fellow panelists. Actually, he was self-Scaramuccied. Its kind of like a Japanese version of it where you actually impale yourself.

This was completely unnecessary. I suspect he thought he was speaking with somebody that would not publish this. But part of the reason that it is so inexplicable, and it cant be a part of a larger strategy, is that on North Korea he totally contradicted the president. He ridiculed his position, Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer noted that Bannons apparent correlation of Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong un as amateurs blundering about perhaps the most damning part in terms of his standing with the president.

See the rest of Krauthammers comments in the video below.

Continued here:

Charles Krauthammer seems to think Steve Bannons fate will …

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