Charles Krauthammer sends a message about his health to Fox …

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer offered a message to viewers of Fox News Special Report about his health and his progress in recovery.

Ive updated you several times about the health and status of our colleague Charles Krauthammer, said Bret Baier, a number of times on this show before, but of the questions I get on email and Twitter, and Facebook, hows Charles? tops the list, by far.

Charles has, as Ive said, been recovering from complications after a surgery, he continued. For several months now, I check in with Charles more than I tell you, a lot.

But today in my communication, he had a message, Baier explained, he wanted me to share with you, the viewers of Special Report.’

Things are progressing steadily slower than I would like, but steadily, said Krauthammer in the statement. Still. I wish I could give you and myself a better idea of when this marathon ends.

Im sure it is strange for your viewers that a regular panelist should disappear for months without warning and without any real explanation, he continued. After my surgery, there were serious complications that took several months to stabilize. My improvement medically has finally allowed me to concentrate on intensive rehabilitation to recover my strength and stamina.

This too is progressing well, but as usual, is intense and slow, Krauthammer said. Nonetheless, I am determined to make it back. Ive got to I cant let you guys have all the fun.

Charles, we miss you and we miss your voice on the big issues that effect us every night, Baier said, we continue to hope and pray for your speedy recovery, and until then, well keep your spot warm right here.

The rest is here:

Charles Krauthammer sends a message about his health to Fox …

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