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The problem with President Donald Trumps claim of fake news is it is proven true over and over again. And now, our somewhat quiet and somewhat peaceful town of Eufaula has become a victim to such false reporting.

On Wednesday, ran with a story from Alabamas often questionable Southern Poverty Law Center, which had run with a report someone came up with despite little or no factual backing.

SPLCs story should have been dismissed after its first paragraph said 2016 marked the second consecutive year of a nation-wide rise in Hate Groups and it was energized by the presidential candidacy of Trump and the radical right. Hmmm, second consecutive year? Who was responsible for 2015? Almost everyone will agree, most news outlets didnt really believe Trump would be president until he won in November. Perhaps SPLC should have pointed its fingers in a different direction, or better yet, researched the report before it began crediting Eufaula with having two of the states 27 Hate Groups. (There are supposedly 917 nation-wide.) While real Hate Groups do exist any faction of the Ku Klux Klan falls into the category I and others have asked around our lovely town and have never heard of the two groups credited with being here Occidental Dissent and Council of Conservative Citizens.

One of the aforementioned groups own web site doesnt even mention Eufaula, rather Wetumpka. I guess SPLC or didnt bother looking that far into the report.

Meanwhile, people that actually believe what they read in the reports now think Eufaula is home to Hate Groups. Im not nave enough to think there is no place anywhere that doesnt have some hateful-minded people, but for it to be splattered about as if it is actual group or group in town is damaging to the good people of Eufaula. And I know — because Ive worked in seven states — Eufaula has more good people than most.

Sure, we have radical rights and radical lefts, but this is shameful having our community perceived in such a way that is simply not true. If there is someone and his nephew calling themselves a Hate Group meeting in a shed out back, I guess SPLC can consider it an official group if it likes. But, I can guarantee you if that is indeed the case, Alabama has a whole lot more than 27 groups if that fits the criteria. However, I guess it would have to do more research and thats obviously not in this reporters criteria for putting out material.

One guy told me SPLC must not have mentioned his Hate Group I Hate Hate Groups which makes it at least 28 in Alabama, or at least by SPLCs strange math.

Fortunately, SPLC is hardly considered a real news organization. Therefore, Eufaula can keeps its head held high and continue to be proud to call this community home.

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Report all about hating, little about facts – Dothan Eagle

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