Ernst Zundel and the Charlottesville alt-right riots …

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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

On the latest False Flag Weekly News, Prof. Tony Hall and I discussed the recent passing of two alternative icons, Jim Marrs and Ernst Zundel. We noted that Marrs whose interests included the JFK assassination, ETs, secret societies, and New World Order bankers rated a friendly mainstream newspaper obituary. Zundel, by contrast, deserved to die in agony, according to the Toronto Sun.

Marrs and Zundel both questioned orthodox histories. Both espoused controversial ideas. So why was Marrs mainstream-friendly, and Zundel mainstream-toxic?

The question practically answers itself. Marrs rarely if ever offended Jews, Zionists, or Israelis. The same cannot be said of Zundel, whose World War II revisionism violated the only sacred taboo left in an otherwise anything-goes culture.

Obviously Zionists dominate mainstream discourse. Thats why you can say pretty much any damn thing you want, as long as you dont question their sacred tribal taboos.

I was thinking of Zundel while watching surreal video of the alt-right riots in Charlottesville. The white nationalists, like Zundel, think they are innocently standing up for their country and their ethnicity, in a hostile environment in which they are inculcated with guilt just for being who they are.

Zundel, it seems to me, has a point. The German people have been guilt-tripped almost to death, force-fed a false narrative that focuses entirely on the war crimes of their own ancestors, while downplaying or ignoring the equal or greater war crimes of their ancestors enemies.

Why should Germans still be paying tribute to Israel? Why should they be participating in the post-9/11 holocaust of 32 million Muslims a holocaust incited by and for Greater Israel?

Richard Spencer and the American white nationalist movement seem to think white Americans, like Germans, have been brainwashed into loathing their ancestors and their culture. Thats why Spencers so upset over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

I agree with him that we should not be purging statues of leaders we dont like. Tearing down statues, like burning books, is an effort to destroy historical memories.

Keep the statues and use them to start a discussion.

But Spencer is mostly wrong. White Americans, unlike Germans, have not succumbed to false historical narratives exaggerating their ancestors crimes. On the contrary, the mainstream version of US history, despite recent inroads of political correctness, is still a feel-good national greatness mythology that downplays the enormous crimes of white Americans ancestors (and todays white Americans themselves) crimes which dwarf those attributed to the Germans.

The real source of Americas national greatness, to the extent it has any, is its tradition as a haven for dissidents and free-thinkers of all races and creeds. Americanism is an idea not a race. (And the white race is a dubious construct to begin with.)

That is why the alt-right is alt-wrong. White nationalism is barking up the wrong tree. I hope it withers away before more people get killed.

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Ernst Zundel and the Charlottesville alt-right riots …

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