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Pastor Logan Robertson, an independent Baptist preacher from Auckland, New Zealand, said in a recent sermon that he would be glad to support two gay people getting married as long as they were shot at the altar.

The short clip of the Westcity Bible Baptist Church sermon was posted online in late July but got more attention after the New Zealand Herald covered it today.

Someone just emailed me the other day about our church. I [believe] he lives in Auckland. Hes like, Whats your view on homo marriage?

I was like, My view on homo marriage is that the Bible never mentions it, so Im not against them getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss.

Because thats what it talks about. Not homo marriage, but homo death. Theres no such thing as homo marriage.

Thats what should happen. Now weve got Christians that would rather side with them side with their cute little fag cousin or brother or whoever it is than with Christians, than actually preach against it.

The love of Christ + a hatred of LGBT people = This sermon.

To be sure, many Christians have already condemned his hateful rhetoric. But make no mistake Robertson feels fully justified in saying this sort of thing because he thinks its inspired by the Bible.

When contacted by the Herald tonight, Robertson said he did not deny his words were hate speech.

Of course it is. Does it sound like hate speech to you? he said. If the world thinks thats hate speech then thats fine.

Just like Pastor Steven Anderson and Theodore Shoebat, Robertson reiterated that he wasnt calling on anyone to kill gay people that should be the governments job in his mind but he also wasnt about to take responsibility if anyone acts his message.

Its got nothing to do with me they could read that verse in the Bible.

Im not inciting vigilantes I believe its the Governments job.

This isnt Robertsons first time in the news. In 2014, he told a gay Christian author, I pray that you will commit suicide. When a reporter (who also happened to be gay) asked him for clarification, Robertson said once again that the man should kill himself.

Its not often you see a video when the hateful commenters seem tamer than the person in front of the camera, but leave it to a Baptist pastor to make that happen.

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Baptist Pastor: Gay Marriage Is Fine As Long As the Couple Is Shot at the Altar – Patheos (blog)

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