FEARS of WAR: Israelis haunted by Iran NUCLEAR THREAT – Video

FEARS of WAR: Israelis haunted by Iran NUCLEAR THREAT
sraeli prime minister says stopping Iran's nuclear program is top priority if he's re-elected JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says preventing Iran from getting a nuclear bomb will top his agenda if he wins the upcoming election. Netanyahu spoke at a meeting with visiting US senators Friday. He says “my priority, if I'm elected for a next term as prime minister, will be first to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.” Polls suggest Netanyahu and a hawkish bloc will likely form Israel's next government after the Jan. 22 election. Israel views Iran as an existential threat due to its nuclear program, frequent calls for Israel's destruction and support of violent militant groups in Lebanon and Gaza. The West widely suspects Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. Iran denies that. Israel has hinted at a military strike if economic sanctions fail. Tags: , breaking news zion zionism NWO new world order illuminati Ahmadinejad trends Gerald Celente politics development Islamic Muslim Religion economic sanctions food gold supplies oil fuel energy

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FEARS of WAR: Israelis haunted by Iran NUCLEAR THREAT – Video

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