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by AVA News Service, August 16, 2017



Costco Ransom

I believe that Scalmanini is attempting to hold the Costco project up for ransom. It is too late to raise yet another issue. If solar is so important, why was it not raised earlier? This latest delaying tactic reflects both arrogance in ignoring the needs of the rest of us in the County and bad faith negotiating with Costco. This is a classic example of why government is held in such low regard. No one else would treat their fellow citizens with such contempt nor would they employ such under handed negotiating tactics. Well as seen earlier, I guess some lawyers would act this way. But they represent the interests of their clients. Government is supposed to represent the community in total, not an officials personal point of view.

And if Costco cancels the project, then what? Let the project proceed but work with Costco to encourage them it voluntarily install solar. In the long run, a good working relationship with Costco is better for the County/City than a sour one! The City can not blame the lawyers for this one.

Neil Darling



To the editor:

Around at 3:15 PM on Sunday, July 16, we suddenly had clouds of smoke and ash coming over our houses. Unknown to us was a truck fire that started on the 101 grade to Willits and quickly spread to a grass fire. Normally, Calfire and local agencies would have been able to keep it, like most recent local fires, to a few acres of charred grass. But this time strong winds were blowing in from the west and rapidly took the fire up and over the hills toward Baker’s Creek Road. On the way, it charred 900 acres, burned some trees, an outbuilding, an orchard, and a farm garden. All residences were saved; no lives lost. With the winds pushing and plenty of dry fuel, it was a fire that could easily have become a much larger disaster.

We had all cleared areas around our houses for just such an event, but even that would not have been enough. The fire came up to the west side of Baker’s Creek Road but was not allowed to go further. If it had crossed the road the fire might not have been stopped until it reached the valley floor and many more homes.

What saved us and limited the damage was the quick, skilled, well coordinated and overwhelming response of Calfire and our local fire agencies. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to the firefighters, pilots, sheriffs deputies and the sizable support system who worked so hard to stop the fire and keep us safe.


John and Laura Knapp, Robert and Ann Horton, Jaye Moscariello, Bill Taylor, the Pardini family, Dennis McCarthy, John Whitcomb, Charles and Devon Anderson and our other neighbors on Baker’s Creek Road.

John Knapp

Redwood Valley


Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Eyster.

Proposition 57 passed with over 60% of the voters in California (that’s the whole state) regardless of how you feel or what makes you sick to your stomach.

The people of California have faith in and believe in rehabilitation, it’s unfortunate that some people are so narrow minded to think that their way is the only way and everyone else is wrong. Yeah, everyone else gets it wrong but you. The justice system is broken, it is archaic, especially in California.

What should make you sick is sex offenders getting probation, murderers getting deals, rapists going free, crooked politicians, district attorneys making deals with criminals, and liars put on the stands just to wash another liar up.

Don’t worry big guy, I will always be a feather in your cap. I will die in prison due to stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver, so don’t worry or shake with fear. I will never be free again. But that doesn’t stop me from taking and facilitating every self-help group available to me. “House of Healing,” “Criminals and Street Gangs Anonymous,” “Victims Awareness and Impact,” “Narcotics Anonymous,” “Alcoholics Anonymous.” Everything I can because I know I was wrong. What about you?

You have your own own cross to bear. Hopefully you see the light.

Here is a fact in closing: not one person was physically injured in any of my strikes. First strike was petty theft plead out to attempted robbery. Second strike was a verbal threat over the phone. And this current case, I deserve a life sentence for this case. I deserve a chance to rehabilitate.


Walter K. Miller

High Desert State Prison,




Singing Hava Negila on the barricades with Bruce Anderson!

Chuckle. I was at Mosswood Market and picked up the AVA.

I love your description of climbing up onto the barricades with your bad knees at 78.

But you won’t stir from your chair without clearance from your Jewish zionist bosses, or ‘handlers’ as the zionists like to describe them. You’re not different from the rest of the self-describe ‘left’ and ‘revolutionaries’ in the US in that sense.

By my early twenties I had figured that out and have never belonged to any sort of ‘vanguard’ grouping since. All of them have an informal Jewish sub clique that vetoes anything the group said or does, based on the interests of Israel.

This is the basic reason the US working people don’t go near the organized left.

WE are not so dumb that we can’t smell zionist handlers, actually. So much time is wasted among vanguard groups discussing why they are isolated, even as they cringe in the shadow of JVP, MECA, IJAN, US Campaign, and the rest of the overlapping acronyms that run the show and write their script. They also recruit and vet ‘Palestinian’ American stooges, such as Mazin Qumsiyeh and Ali Abunimah, to front for their witch hunts against any non Jews who dare to speak out from a media platform.

Right now mainly the witch burning is directed at Alison Weir from the Bay Area, Gilad Atzmon, Miko Peled, and probably others I don’t know about, but they have had a lower profile witch hunt against me for the last 30 years.

Which you have backed of course with untold column inches of anything they send you.

Start practicing your dancing to Hava Negila, Bruce, but you’ll be out of place with your picture of Netanyahu on the barricades.

Martin Pereira

Sonoma County

ED NOTE: Mr. Pereira, aka Mark Richey, is a monomaniac cum clinical paranoid who thinks that all the people and groups who want to see fair play for the Palestinians are dupes of a very busy and ongoing Zionist conspiracy. These dupes, in Richey’s fevered brain, include me, although I’ve never heard of my alleged co-conspirators. I do consider Jeff Blankfort a friend; Richey has been insulting him for years. If Blankfort’s a Zionist look for me starting tonight in center field for the Giants.For the record, I’m a two-state, ’67 borders guy who belonged to the left before it disappeared.


Dear Editor,

I am very disappointed in Georgeanne Croskey’s recent announcement [that she will not seek re-election when her term runs out]. First, she was appointed to serve out Tom Woodhouse’s term without any say by the people she is supposed to be representing. Second, she came to this appointment with no obvious knowledge of county issues, nor of the constituents she claims to “serve.” Her standard response when faced with issues and information is a cheery “I’ll have to learn more about that.”

This is a job with a large learning curve and we deserve experienced representation.

The Willits Weekly reported on Aug. 3 that Croskey’s husband accepted a new job. Croskey says, “my husband and children need me to be a wife and mother first,” yet the same press release reports that, “Supervisor Croskey will complete her term as Third District Supervisor on Dec. 31, 2018. Then the family will be reunited.” Though she promises to dedicate her time to serving the constituents and addressing the issues facing the county, I believe she can best serve our county by resigning now so someone with experience and knowledge can fill out the term.

Further, as a representative of the people, she should be accountable to the people. Unfortunately, the announcement that she will be leaving office and not seeking re-election effectively pre-empts all accountability for any controversial decisions she may have to make.

I see a conflict looming already. In the same issue of the paper announcing her intention to leave the county, I read a front page article about Croskey’s appointment to the Mendocino Fire Safe Council and how she is taking up the challenge of working on an evacuation plan with her family. I think we have a right to expect our representative to plan for the entire county.

Perhaps she is not aware of the full scope of the fire danger facing us. Mendocino Redwood Company, a prominent member of the Fire Safe Council, has been poisoning thousands of acres of oaks, leaving large swaths of dead trees. Aside from increasing the future financial burden to taxpayers, our fire fighters are expected to risk their lives against the extreme danger of tens of thousands of highly flammable standing dead trees.

Last year, after a hard-fought campaign against big money, 63% of the voters passed an ordinance declaring dead standing trees a public nuisance, thus putting financial responsibility on the timber companies that continue to pursue these dangerous practices.

Apparently MRC is not listening. More likely, they consider the financial risk worth it. They are the last company to continue to use herbicides to deliberately poison trees. They immediately challenged the constitutionality of our ordinance at the state level, as it interferes with their business model. And while they await a decision, which may never be forthcoming, they continue the wholesale poisoning of otherwise healthy forestlands. Meanwhile they continue a well-funded PR campaign to neutralize any attention on their responsibility for forest safety. That way the risk continues to fall on firefighters, taxpayers, home-owners and all the rest of us.

I look at our summer heat wave. I shudder at the recent lightning strikes. I think about the thousands of acres burned this year, last year, and the year before, and I am worried. How can we be so reckless as to add fuel to an already critical fire situation?

What will happen when our Board of Supervisors is asked to deal with the ongoing issue of fire danger created by MRC? How do you think Supervisor Croskey will respond to these issues?

I would ask Croskey to resign now, so someone with more experience can step in. We had several very good candidates apply for the position, including Holly Madrigal and John Pinches. They both have proven experience in public service, the trust of their constituents and a deep knowledge of complex county issues. I personally favor Holly. However she has moved on to another excellent position serving our community. I say we pull Pinches out of retirement to fill the rest of the term. I may not agree with him on a lot of issues, but I sure respect that he is easy to talk to, he represents our concerns well and he is not afraid to speak his mind under pressure.

Thank you,

Robin Leler



Dear Supervisor McCowen,

Below, please find a link to a copy of the Fitch Report published in 2011, that, at the time, summarized the state of the EMS capability in Mendocino County. It clarifies what the County’s responsibilities are, under state law, in delivering this public safety service. It also delineates what role and responsibilities the individual Fire Districts have in relation to this same effort. It may (or may not) surprise you as to the level of responsibility the County has in providing this service. This is even more timely now, given the current Ambulance EOA and Dispatch RFP that is making its way forward. There seems to be an impression by some that hiring CVEMS to manage the County EMS and the fourth coming EOA, that this qualifies as providing a functioning EMS, yet, there are major components related to what goes into responding when a citizen calls 911 in a medical emergency, that are missing from this understanding. Ambulance crews are not generally first on-scene and do not provide immediate medical aid, particularly in acute medical distress or physical trauma. Ambulance crews are generally not trained or equipped to deal with these types of calls for service. There is no physical rescue capability contained with a typical ambulance crew. Concurrently, Fire Districts are not required to provide any EMS capability or response and can opt out of EMS calls for service, entirely.

In the coming weeks, we hope to engage with the County to discuss the above issues in more detail. A more comprehensive letter that discusses the above topics will be issued, shortly.

Thank you for your continued support,

David Roderick

Hopland Fire Protection District

Mendocino County Association of Fire Districts (MCAFD)

PO Box 308

Hopland, CA 95449

707-744-1721 office

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Letters (Aug. 16, 2017) – Anderson Valley

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