CAIR Releases App for Reporting ‘Hate Crimes’, ‘Bias Incidents’ – Breitbart News

According to a press release, Making Democracy Work for Everyone willgive users the ability to immediately report bias incidents they experience, which CAIR describes as an important feature during a period of increased hate incidents targeting American Muslims and other minority groups.

The free CAIR app offers advice about an individuals constitutional rights when contacted by law enforcement or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and when facing discrimination in the workplace or at school, the release continued. It also offers contact information for CAIRs national headquarters in Washington, D.C., and for chapters nationwide.

In the press release, CAIR claimed that a spike in hate crimes against Muslims were due to the election of President Donald Trump.

We urge all American Muslims and their supporters to download CAIRs app and to take advantage of its much-needed features, particularly the function allowing reporting of bias incidents, saidCAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper also attempted to link hate crimes to President Trump in an interview with CNN.

It has been on the back burner for some time. Its development got accelerated though with the election of Donald Trump, said Hooper to CNN. Its on a daily basis now that we are issuing a statement about some hate crime somewhere in the country, some days multiple incidents. One of the reasons we wanted to make the app is because thats how so many young people access the world, they feel more comfortable using an app than making a phone call sometimes.

A lot of these incidents go unreported so anything we can do to make it easier to report, we want to do, he continued.Anybody can report. Thats one thing weve noticed its not just Muslim-Americans who are experiencing more hate incidents, its all groups of minorities.

There have been dozens of fake hate crimes since the election of President Trump.

Earlier this month, three African-American State University of New York at Albany students received probation and community service after falsely reporting a hate crime. In November 2016, a Muslim student who claimed that her hijab had been pulled off of her head by Trump supporters was charged with creating a hate crime hoax.

In May, a racist letter left on a black students car at St. Olafs College in Minnesota was revealed to be a hoax, while in the same month, an Indianachurch organist admitted that he vandalized his own church with Trump and Nazi slogans.

Other revealed hoaxes include a University of Michigan student who claimed that a white man threatened to set her hijab on fire, a black man who posed as a white man in a racist letter campaign, a man who set fire to an immigrant-owned market in an attempt to frame conservatives, a Muslim Wisconsin student who tagged his own dorm room with anti-Muslim graffiti, a Texan who tagged his own home with racial slurs, a Bowling Green State University student who faked a mugging by Trump supporters, a man who faked KKK crimes and an abduction, and a Muslim who falsely claimed she was threatened for wearing a hijab.

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CAIR Releases App for Reporting ‘Hate Crimes’, ‘Bias Incidents’ – Breitbart News

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