Is this Hitler’s secret Argentine bolt-hole? Fuhrer’s loot found behind hidden doorway –

The amazing find backs long-held claims that Hitler did not die in his bunker in Berlin after committing suicide on April 30 1945 but escaped to South America alongside other senior Nazis.

Last month, Argentinian Police found hidden behind a sliding bookcase a secret door to a room in a property in the Argentine capital, that was stashed with a massive amount of Nazi relics many clearly the personal property of the Fuhrer himself.

The most compelling item of evidence found was a photograph of Hitler holding a magnifying glass alongside the actual magnifying glass.

The items were discovered during a police raid as part of an investigation into stolen artwork.

It is the biggest find of its kind ever seen in Argentina, where many Nazi officials sought refuge.

It included guns, ceremonial knives, military decorations, statues of Hitler a Nazi sundial, silver Ouija board, and items used to indoctrinate children, including harmonicas and puzzles.

A police statement said: We have turned to historians and they told us it is the original magnifying glass.


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Hitler speaks to a little girl visiting Obersalzberg

“We are reaching out to international experts to deepen the investigation.”

Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said: Our first investigations indicate that these are original pieces, they were found with the original photographs that prove this, it was the method by which they could be commercialised, showing that they were used by the horror, by the Fuhrer.

“There are photos of him with the objects.

She said there were also medical devices and added: “There are objects to measure heads that was the logic of the Aryan race.

Investigators want to establish how they entered the country.

We have turned to historians and they told us it is the original magnifying glass.

Police spokesman

It is documented that high-ranking Nazis fled to Argentina and other south American countries to escape punishment for war crimes in Europe.

They included sick Josef Mengele, the SS officer and physician based at Auschwitz.

He was known as the Angel of Death due to twisted experiments he carried out on inmates.

He lived in Buenos Aires for a decade, while other Nazi leaders faced trial.

He died in 1979 in the Brazilian city of Bertioga after having a stroke while swimming.

Last year, the book Hitler in Exile by Abel Basti put forward a conspiracy theory that Hitler also evaded justice by fleeing to Argentina, and then onto Paraguay to live under the protection of dictator Alfredo Stroessner.

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The book claimed Hitler died on February 3, 1971 in Paraguay, and wealthy families who helped him over the years were responsible for the organisation of his funeral.

Hitler was buried in an underground bunker, which is now an elegant hotel in the city of Asuncion, it was claimed.

Mr Basti claims another man may have been left in the Berlin bunker as the Allied forces moved across the German capital leaving Hitler free to escape through a tunnel to the Templhof Airport and into a waiting helicopter to Spain or the Canary Islands before making the journey to Argentina by submarine.

Speaking to Sputnik, the historian said: “There was an agreement with the US that Hitler would run away and that he shouldn’t fall into the hands of the Soviet Union.

“This also applies to many scientists, the military and spies who later took part in the struggle against the Soviet regime.

In 1973, the entrance to the bunker was sealed, and 40 people came to say goodbye to Hitler.

“One of those who attended [the funeral], Brazilian servicemen Fernando Nogueira de Araujo, then told a newspaper about the ceremony.

Using declassified FBI documents the historian found a report dated September 4, 1944 which said: Argentina kept silent in spite of all the accusations that it became a destination for Hitler, which he reached either flying 7,375 miles from Berlin on the plane, which was built specifically for this purpose, or as a passenger on a submarine.”

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Is this Hitler’s secret Argentine bolt-hole? Fuhrer’s loot found behind hidden doorway –

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