HATE ORGASM – Napalm Against Zion Infection HD.mp4 – Video

HATE ORGASM – Napalm Against Zion Infection HD.mp4
Year: 2006; Oficial Demo Tape: “DOOM/SOLUTION/MANIFEST” (Ap Cernunus Records); Jeshua's blood, Satan won Nature's blood, end of world Incessant doom, lords of hate Mankind's death, summerian prayer “Oh thou that hate 'cause were expulsed, I invoke you, oh almighty sovereign of gods, destructor and depopulator, thou that shake all not defeated! I summon thee, Oh Typhon — Seth!” Cult of terror age! Vindex coming, absolute evil A thousand megatons in expansion Taking the scum of material world Napalm against zion infection Accuser black angel in ascension We pray to nuclear warheads Inside the temple of the holocaust With gasmasks we stand Goatheaded deity's command Sons of Satan's Throne, we are the master race Black cosmic force, the strong will prevail Throne of Satan's son, dethroning mankind's grace Order from the Abyss, unbless us with all hate!

By: Juliano Pires

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HATE ORGASM – Napalm Against Zion Infection HD.mp4 – Video

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