A Year of Violence: Hush Crimes Against Whites …

The hush crime stories of 2007 that the media doesnt want to cover. The following brief listings,are just a few of the horrible crimes committed against white people over the last year victims ranging in age from 2 to 101 years old all at the hands ofviolent Blacks. Any one of these crimes if the races were reversed would havebeen covered non-stop by the national media as yet another example of racist, hatecrimes committed by Whites. Since its White people, forget about it. The links are only to local news stations such things cannot be hidden from the nearby residents.

Remember when you look over this list that this is only some of the more hateful crimes that Ive looked into. Everyday, similar things occur in many cities all across the country just turn on your local news and read between the lines. Most of the time,all youhave to go on is that the perps name sounds Black. You know what Im saying.The national news will not cover stories like this because they just spit in the faces of all white people no matter how horrible the crime is, anymore.

Next time someone brings up some BS lyingcaseabout somecrack-head Black chick getting raped by evil Whitey, you just tell them theyve been smoking too muchcrack themselves and go and show them this. You may copy and paste freely. Email away.Credit me with a link, if possible. Please read on and see some really horrible crimes committed against whites just over the last year!

Also, please note, thatthe statisticsyou seeby the Dept. of Justice are flawed since the FBI has made police jurisdictions classify Latinos and Arab criminals as whites. This results in higher, skewed numbers for the white perps. Read part 5 from Jerrys Racial Violence Statistics page here for more information on why they do this (go to the left on the screen for this info).

Even with this, Blacks kill Whites at17 times more than the other way around. In fact, if Whites committed this kind of thing, per capita for 10 years, then the number of dead Negroes at the hands of the whites would exceed, by far, the number of US Soldiers killedduring the entire Vietnam war!

Stats on Racial violence committed against whites:Click Here! Stories: Race Crimes Against White PeopleFor the sheer enormity of this problem, across the country these days, please take a look at this link: Ethnic Crime.com

Now, the following are stories mostly about violent murder. A few crimes that the victims survived, would have generated much more media attention had the races been reversed. One was a 101 year-old ladyslugged in the facefor only $33. Another was a car-jacking where they threw the baby out the window. Onlytwoare rapes, one that was cleverly ignored during the Duke/Lacrosse BS and anotherso graphic that such a crime wouldve have garnered huge media attention.

But heres another statisticthat willshock your socks offabout rape statistics:In the year 2005, over 100 White women were sexually assaulted or raped by Negroes per day! And this is versus somewhere between 0 and 10 for white men raping Black women for the entire year!See the following DOJ (PDF) report, look at the bottom of table #42, Here.

The disparity in racial violence of Blacks on Whites is absolutely astounding. Simply put, all White people in America are being fooled by the lies of omission inour government and in the media today. Next time, when Reverend Sharpton starts flapping his fat gums about Black women being raped by the Evil Whitey like he did over those white Lacrosse players in Duke, NC.then you just tell him or anywhiteliberals:BULLSHIT: Here, read this youdumb-ass!

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A Year of Violence: Hush Crimes Against Whites …

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