Hush Crimes: Black on White Crime & Media Cover-Ups

Weve been conditioned by society to never, ever question the topic of racism. Even remotely being accused of being a racist could jeopardise ones career and social standing. A simple accusation with no evidence, ironically similar to a false rape charge, can actually ruin a persons life.

With all the recent media fuelled racial tension in the news, it made me start researching and what Ive found might surprise you.

The reason police departments and black communities around the country seem to be at odds with one another isnt because of the police being an inherently racist power structure, its because the communities theyre responsible for policing are often the most DANGEROUS in the nation.

According to the Department of Justice statistics from 2012-2013, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. Why didnt the media report this?

If the media was honest, it would report on black on white crime, as well as the staggering statistics of black on black violence but it doesnt. Interestingly enough, blacks are also 82.5% of the attacker in violent crime against Hispanics, who made up only 17.5% of interracial attacks.

Regarding black on black violence, 40.1% was the total percentage for 2012-2013. With all the talk about black on black crime after a police involved shooting, its interesting to me that were left with 60% being the percentage of crime regarding other racial groups and black offenders.

Critics of these statistics will say it is racist because of the impoverished communities that black people live in. Some go as far as to say that its the new Jim Crow era.

This is complete nonsense.

Were living in a time period with the first African American president in charge. In cities like Baltimore and Baton Rouge, the majority % of the police force is African American themselves and they even have African American mayors and in other high ranking positions of power of government, in fact, the top nine American urban cities with majority populations of non-white citizens ranked as the most dangerous in the country with a population over 200,000 citizens. They rank as the following:

No.1: Detroit (93% non-white 2010 Census. 1,988.63 crimes per 100,000 people.) No.2: Memphis, Tennessee (67% non-white 2010 Census. 1,740.51 crimes per 100,000 people.) No. 3: Oakland, California (75% non-white in 2010 Census. 1,685.39 crimes per 100,000 people.) No. 4: St. Louis, Missouri (57% non-white in 2010 Census. 1,678.73 crimes per 100,000 people.) No.5: Birmingham, Alabama (79% non-white in 2010 according to Census. 1,588.29 crimes per 100,000 people.) No. 6: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (67% non-white in 2010 according to Census. 1,476.71 crimes per 100,000 people.) No.7: Baltimore, Maryland (72% non-white in 2010 according to Census. 1,338.54 crimes per 100,000 people.) No.8. Cleveland, Ohio (67% non-white in 2010 according to Census. 1,334.35 crimes per 100,000 people.) No.9: Stockton, California (78% non-white in 2010 according to Census. 1,331.47 crimes per 100,000 people.)

According to FBI data, 4,906 black people murdered other blacks in 2010 and 2011.

That is 1,460 more black Americans killed by other blacks in two years than were lynched from 1882 to 1968, according to the Tuskegee Institute.

In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year (2012), black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

The FBIs Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control and found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012.

With all the talk of police brutality against the black community, its interesting to me how the media refuses to talk about victims of crime when the suspects are black. The absolutely horrific murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, Tennessee back in 2007 come to mind. All four of the suspects were black and both victims were white. There was virtually a media cover up on this story outside of local reporting.

Imagine the reaction of the mainstream media if four white people kidnapped a black couple, raped and tortured them for two days, made them drink chemical cleaning products and later set them on fire after dismembering their dead corpses

Think long and hard about that for a minute. How would the media react to such a crime if the races were reversed? Authorities say both were raped, tortured, and murdered after being kidnapped on the morning of January 7, 2007.

Four people were convicted and sentenced for their involvement in this crime.

Letalvis Cobbins was found guilty of first degree murder and rape in August 2009 and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Lemaricus Davidson was found guilty of first degree murder and rape in October 2009. Davidson is on death row awaiting his death sentence by lethal injection to be carried out.

George Thomas, after having been found guilty of first degree murder and rape in December 2009 was sentenced to life in prison without parole. In May 2010 Vanessa Coleman was found not guilty of first degree murder but was found guilty of being a facilitator in the rape and death of Channon Christian. Coleman was sentence to 53 years in prison.

According to published reports, Newsom and Christian went out for dinner on the evening of Saturday, January 6, 2007. Police say their car was hijacked and the couple was tied up and taken to the apartment of one of the suspects. There at the apartment Christian was reportedly raped in Newsoms presence then Newsom was shot and his body burned. Police have not confirmed that his penis was cut off and we have not found any credible source for that information. Police later found a fingerprint on an envelope in Christians abandoned car, which led them to the apartment and where they found Christians body in a trash can in the kitchen.

She had been dismembered.

Investigators say they later determined that she had been held for at least two days during which she was tortured, raped, and murdered. Newsoms body was found by a railroad worker near some railroad tracks in East Knoxville.

Originally, the suspects claimed that they only wanted their car, but their heinous crimes that followed clearly demonstrated that they were not simply seeking a car to carjack they were out for blood.

This is only one of many what I like to call hush crimes. Crimes committed against white people that arent mentioned much by the mainstream media for fear of seemingly coming across as racist.

Is it now racist to point out the facts of a crime?

Should the suspects in the Christian/Newsom murders be given a free pass for growing up in a white supremacist society?

Ill let you decide that. Again, Im only presenting facts.

Another recent example: The mainstream media went absolutely nuts when a white supremacist named Dylann Roof murdered eight black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, back in June of 2015. Calls to ban the Confederate flag were made. Confederate monuments were defaced throughout the South and the mainstream media had wall to wall coverage of the story. While that story was tragic and I dont condone what he did at all, it has to make you wonder why stories of more horrific violence towards white people were not covered in the same manner.

The answer is really simple and you dont have to be a KKK hood wearing crazy person to see whats going on. The media covers up black on white violence while ignoring black on black crime in their own neighbourhoods while also simultaneously telling white people theyre privileged and should be ashamed of how they were raised. Were in a constant state of apology to other people and it shouldnt be that way. If were going to take a cold hard look at the facts of crime in this country, white people should not have to apologize at all.

Is it really white supremacy thats driving these statistics? Is the Department of Justice and FBI inherently racist for reporting crime based on ethnic groups?

This is ultimately up for you to decide, only when logic prevails will this country resemble some sense of sanity at work.

A good starting point for your own research is the infamous Table 43 of the FBI which presents all statistics of crime based on perpatrators race and the victims, it also provides an honest insight into the true scale of these heinous crimes.

The sooner we wake up to the realisation, the sooner we can act.

Article and original research by Tim Swan.


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Hush Crimes: Black on White Crime & Media Cover-Ups

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