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Unless otherwise noted, most of these White people were murderedrecently (because of the media hiding things, crimes and detailsoften become known to me onlylater). Older black-on-White crimes as you scroll down below. Please go to NEW NATION NEWS for more recent stories and updates about how badthings are getting in America today.

Please remember while scrolling down, that these are only a few of the White people killed by blacks in recent years (since the year 2000, go to the end for link to a few before). Its estimated to be 1500 to 2400 per year, orover 103,000 White Americansto have been murdered by blacks since 1972. Think about this when they scream black lives matter!

Eachof these White people had lives, friends, family and loved ones just like you. They died painful, often incrediblybrutal deaths at the hands of violent blacks and now rot in the ground with barely a whisper in the media a scurrilous, left-wing media that has long worked hard to keep us White peopleinthe darkto the real-life mortal dangers of this criminal,totally uncaring race.*

NOTE: ALMOST ALL OF THE WOMEN BELOW ARE NOT MURDERED MUDSHARKS! A photo sampling of those foolish victims would require much more bandwidth than I have for one page. Please go HERE for MUDSHARKS (plus even more White friends and family murdered by the idiot mudsharks black boyfriends and husbands). Having relations with a black is not only dangerous to a woman, but also anyone nearby. Seriously.

Many of the crime stories behind each photo aboveareunbelievably horrible (sometimes even children and entire familieshave beentorturedto death by black sadists). Manyof these Whitevictims werealso targeted and killed specifically because they were bornWhite (what therace-baiting hypocritescontinually accuseour race). But the traitorous, Jew-controlledliberal media wont report on all that, nor go intomuch detailof such hush crimes, if at all possible.Media peopleeven go awayto special corporate training conferences and seminarsonhow toconfuse matters from White audiences using editorialtactics and tricksdesigned tohide from the general public howblacks are really like. Theyve been up tothis for decades, actually.

Dont you get it now? Youmay wellone day. Lets just hope its not you ora loved ones picture I add here before you finallydo.

* Frankly,most Whitepeople coming hereonly have an instinctual idea of the dangers of thissadistic, animalisticrace should they get the drop on you. Crimes where victimsare White,the raceis purposefullykept from mediapublication and photos areoften difficult,even impossible to find (many seen here are copiedfrom obituary sites or screen captured off brief local TV reports by Whites trying to get the word out).

This isall part ofa lefty, traitorous media, longworking to keepthe generalWhitepopulation ignorant and asleepas they graduallyturn our lands inside out to set the stage forthe eventualJewish-controlled Marxist NWO. Surely, youve had suspicions something wasbehind all this PC BSby now?

I will add as many new White victim montagesas I can to the top of thispage andmore white victims page later (where older montages move to after new ones are embedded at this link). Come back on a regular basis and also try to spread link to other White people.

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White Victims | INCOG MAN

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