watch Infowars fire back after Portugal. The Man mocks them in music video – Brooklyn Vegan (blog)

Earlier this month, Portugal. The Man released a video for Feel It Still, which features a man burning a newspaper called Info Wars. Thats of course the same name as Infowars website, the same site that (like Breitbart) has been known to fuel Donald Trumps base-less claims. Infowars found out about the video, and published an article about it that refers to Portugal. The Man as Pro-Soros Rockers and communists. Heres an excerpt from their article:

The direct attack on Infowars is made all the more obvious by the featured thumbnail image for the video.

It doesnt end there though. Infowars permanently angry leader Alex Jones discussed Portugal. The Man again on his show:


Portugal. The Mans tour brings them to NYC for two Terminal 5 shows in June. The first is sold out but the second is still on sale. All dates here.

Read the rest here:

watch Infowars fire back after Portugal. The Man mocks them in music video – Brooklyn Vegan (blog)

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