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When Israel drops white phosphorous on civilians, nobody in america bats an eye. We arent allowed to know or care about it. The MSM ignores it or downplays its significance. Even the most progressive of progressive liberals Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders or Libertarian Rand Paul would never dare vote to condemn the state of Israel for any of its myriad illegal actions. There isnt a single politician in this country who doesnt blindly support Israel, no matter what. Not even the most racist, sexist Evangelical cretin from Alabama would dare even bring it up without fear of being labeled anti-semitic.

When the IDF uses laser guided missiles to purposely target schools, hospitals or UN headquarters, everyone says its okay. When they target civilian infrastructure a war crime thats okay, too. When they use collective punishment against the citizens of Gaza thats also okay, even though collective punishment isconsidered a major war crime. Plus, as an added bonus, the IDFs missiles are considered legal because theyre precision guided.

And best of all: those weapons are made in the good ole US of A (or using technology stolen from the US). Meanwhile, citizens of the West Bank and Gaza are called terrorists for shooting unguided firecrackers at the occupiers, and the firecrackers are categorized as war crimes because they are not precision guided. Yet they kill virtually no one. So, Israel accidentally kills hundreds of civilians with precision guided weapons, and Palestinian firecrackers might destroy somebodys Toyota. But that is a war crimeGot it!

It seems to me that every rocket fired by the people of Gaza is a lawful defense. And mostly symbolic.

This is not an aberration or a new offensive; this is THE PLAN. And its been the plan since the Irgun made the protectorate of Palestine far more trouble than it was worth.

We know the plan: its the same one used to wipe out the Native Americans in order to steal their land and resources; telling ourselves as we killed and raped and pillaged that God was with us. As we murdered and stole from a people whose civilization existed before the written word, the illegal settlers chanted God is on our side!

Do Israelis honestly believe that God is on their side, considering the crimes they have committed in His name? Victims of the Holocaust would be ashamed to see their descendants killing children simply for not being Jewish. There are 1.7 million Christians and Muslims in Gaza, and 1.3 million of them are refugees.

The Hasbara have been trolling the web for any mention of Israel in order to spread lies and misinformation about the ongoing conflict in the region. I have run into a few myself over the years: little Eichmanns working to purge the impure from the Pure Jewish State. Yuck.

My hope in this new year (2018) is that the world will finally recognize what harm Israels disregard for international rule of law is creating for the entire global community which yearns for justice, peace and love in this world.

And that includes the majority of Israelis who dont seem to understand that no people can retain their own dignity or freedom when they deprive another people of theirs.

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