Revealing Photos From Latest Reems Bakery Protest

Yesterday the infamous Reems Bakery in Oakland California held an event featuring Sunaina Maira, an Asian-American studies professor at UC Davis, who had published a new book about boycotting Israeli academic institutions.

A group of protesters stood outside while the event transpired inside, protesting Reems glorification of terrorism and violence manifest in their large, hideous mural of terrorist Rasmea Odeh.

The latest in a series of protests over a mural inside a community space committed to social justice ended peacefully Sunday.

Reems California is a bakery that opened last spring to serve breads, pastries and coffee, just as it had to farmers markets and other pop-up spaces in recent years. Seeking to model values reflective of Oaklands social-justice community, it sought to pay living wages, hire from marginalized communities and use natural, local or regional ingredients.

On Sunday, a rare day the bakerys schedule was open, it held a private event for Sunaina Maira, an Asian-American studies professor at UC Davis, who had published a new book about boycotting Israeli academic institutions.

About 30 peoplegatheredto stand in a line in Fruitvale Village, and although they were aware of the event, their focus was the mural of Rasmea Odeh, which continues to draw unwelcome attention.

Odeh, a Jordanian and former American citizen of Palestinian origin and a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was convicted by Israeli courts for a role in the deaths of two Hebrew University students in 1969, Edward Joffee and Leon Kanner. Some Arab and Muslim community members maintain that Odehs confession to a role was coerced.

In Oakland, a community devastated by violence, this kind of glorification of terror and violence is just inappropriate, so were here to express our dissatisfaction, said El Cerrito resident Faith Meltzer.

This is about hate in our community, the normalization of violence in our community and thats why were here.

Meltzer, who said her group called themselves Oakland United Against Hate, called the mural anti-Jewish. About 15 people from a variety of local social-justice groups, includingArab Resource and Organizing Center spokeswoman Lara Kiswani, stood mostly silent outside in support of the bakery.

Were here to celebrate Reems as an institution that also celebrates that kind of work (like Mairas book) and defend Reems from attacks thatve been coming on a regular basis. So we have a security team prepared to make sure that no one is harmed, Kiswani said.

The development of the team, whose members have trained in de-escalation techniques, has helped shield the bakery in the wake of several protests last summer, Kiswani said.

We saw this as indicative of this political moment the attacks on Arabs and Muslims, on an Arab woman-owned bakery and someone whos very proud of her identity puts it at the forefront of her process and practice. For that reason, shes had a huge amount of support, and a lot of people come to her defense, Kiswani said. As a result, the protests sort of diminished.

While the report is clearly slanted towards the Reems bigots, the photos accompanying it are very telling probably more than the reporter intended.

For instance, note these people in the community space committed to social justice right in front of the mural, engaged in what the speaker demonizing Israel had to say, indifferent to Odehs murderous legacy.

And what other better way to show you are committed to social justice thancensorship and preventing free speech.

And while the report quotesArab Resource and Organizing Center spokeswoman Lara Kiswani as suggesting a security team was required to prevent harm from the protestershere are the protesters.

The BDS-holes must have been quaking in their boots. As forKiswani, her necklace sums up the real end game of the BDS movement and its supporters.

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Revealing Photos From Latest Reems Bakery Protest

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