TJP Respect # 1 – ‘Did Israel use White Phosphorus against Gaza lets ask them’ – Video

TJP Respect # 1 – 'Did Israel use White Phosphorus against Gaza lets ask them'
I have decided to upload videos that I feel expose the truth in undeniable and profound ways. Officially this is video #1 – Attributed to …Who better to ask other than the Israeli's themselves? you would think one of them has an answer, instead they all dwindle around it and end up giving a half cooked response that doesn't convince many if *any* people at all. At that point in time the UN wanted to investigate whether Israel committed a war crime or not (since chemical weapons are prohibited by Geneva) so it can clear Israel's name against these allegations….Israel refused to allow the investigations. That tells me one thing, they broke the law, and this is just one example of them breaking the law. Hamas is a militia, sure, but they don't need WP to take down…Israel's target was the entire Palestinian people.From:Ken O'KeefeViews:2 0ratingsTime:09:25More inPeople Blogs

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TJP Respect # 1 – ‘Did Israel use White Phosphorus against Gaza lets ask them’ – Video

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