Chairman Of Largest Islamic Charity In US Exposed As Jew-Hating Extremist With Ties To Muslim Brotherhood – Western Journalism

“…promotes jihad against Israel…”By Yochanan Visser on August 18, 2017 at 9:02am

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Khaled Lamada, chairman of Islamic Relief (IR), the largest Islamic charity in the United States, is reportedly an Islamist with strong sympathies for and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Lamada also appears to be a Jew-hater who propogates violence against Israel, as reported by Sam Westrop, the director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

Islamic Relief has been designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates, but receives generous financial support from Western countries, including the United States government, which donated $370,000 to the group in 2016.

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The Islamic-American charity uses part of its donor money to subsidize the activities of Islamist groups such as Hamas and other Islamist groups in Gaza, according to Westrop.

The Egytian-born Lamada has a long history of involvement in Muslim Brotherhood activities, and publicly expresses his support for Islamist ideology and causes.

His Facebook page is rife with MB insignia, and when he writes in Arabic or shares Arabic posts of others, he shows off his hatred for Jews and promotes jihad against Israel.

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Lamada also indulges in the many anti-Semitic conspiracies, which are very popular on Egyptian social media.

The IR chairman distributed video clips which claim Egyptian president Abdel Fateh el-Sisi is secretly Jewish and that his crackdown on the MB was ordered by Jews.

One of the video clips that Lamada circulated on Facebook claimed that Jews are dividing the Muslim community in Egypt by promoting sexual activities.

The IR leader also disseminated claims that the U.S. is controlled by a Jewish lobby which demonizes Muslims and is plotting to invade Sudan and the Nile delta in Egypt, according to Westrop.

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Other senior IR officials, such as Youssef Abdallah, were exposed by Islamist Watch as promoters of jihad against Israel.

Abdallah romanticized martyrs who killed scores of Jews and fired missiles at Tel Aviv in Israel. In other posts Abdallah referred to Jews as stinking and said they were trying to burn down the al-Aksa mosque at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The IR official also liked an anti-Semitic comment under one of his Facebook posts calling for the revenge on the damned rapist Zionists and praying to Allah for the destruction of the Jewish people.

Islamic Relief leaders were previouslyinvited to the White House by former president Barack Obama, who hosted them during the holy Muslim month Ramadan.

During one of his encounters at the White House with Islamic Relief and other leaders of the Muslim community in the U.S., Obama warned his fellow Americans there is a distorted impression of Muslims.

Here in America, many people personally dont know someone who is Muslim, Obama said. They mostly hear about Muslims in the news and that can obviously lead to a very distorted impression.

On its website, Islamic Relief claims it has been working for a better world for the past 25 years and that its actions including tackling poverty, are marked by excellence in our operations and conduct, which are deserving of the people we serve.

Westrop, meanwhile, continues toexposeAmerican Muslims with radical views.

The Islamist Watch director posted a video on his Twitter account showing Karim Abuzaid, a Colorado based imam, who, during a recent sermon, advocated for the flogging of fornicators and the stoning of adulterers.

The Colorado imam said that flogging and stoning should be done in public.

First of all you need to learn that laws here in the Western world were applied in public, Abuzaid said, while reminding the audience of the fact that executions in Europe and other countries were done in public until the Middle Ages.

He then explained that public execution by stoning of an adulterer, as well as the flagging of a fornicator, has a deterrent effect, especially for the younger generation. As a result, he also encouraged parents to bring their children to these executions.

A married adulterer is liable for a death by stoning, Abuzaid said, while adding that according to Sharia law, you are a dead man walking if you commit such a sin.

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Chairman Of Largest Islamic Charity In US Exposed As Jew-Hating Extremist With Ties To Muslim Brotherhood – Western Journalism

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