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Roger Waters. Photo: Jethro via Wikimedia Commons.

Roger Waters isnt given the opportunity to discuss his anti-Israel activism in the US media or on late-night talk shows because of a conspiracy to silence him. This claim comes froman interview that the former Pink Floyd bassist gave to the Russian outlet RT, as reported by the Independent.

Heres the opening of the IndyarticlebyClarisse Loughrey(Pink Floyds Roger Waters says US media ignores anti-Israel sentiment):

Pink FloydsRoger Watershas criticised the stances of both the US media, and fellow musicians, on Israel. When asked byRTwhy the issue isnt more openly discussed by the US media, he answered with what a producer for PBS reporter Charlie Rose had allegedly told him:Were not quite sure, but it comes from above. So, you can figure it out for yourself. Its not rocket science.

Now, heres a clip of the RT interview you canhear his response in context, and learn that the question specifically pertained to why Roger Waters anti-Israel activism isnt more openly discussed in the media.

First, the complaint by Waterswho has an estimatednet worthof $245 millionthat hes being effectively silenced is absurd.

Moreover, Waters belief in some sort of media conspiracy (from above) to avoid giving him airtime needs to be seen in the context of other risible assertions, including hiscomplaintthat the extraordinarily powerful Jewish lobby frightens many celebrities from joining BDS; hisclaimthatIsrael is arguably the most oppressive regime on the planet; and that Israels oppression of the Palestinians ison par with the Nazis treatment of Jews.

Perhaps the reason why editors, producers and executives dont want Waters discussing BDS is quite simple: As much as they may love the music of Pink Floyd, theyre understandably hesitant to amplify and legitimise political views thatare unhinged, conspiratorial and sometimesantisemitic. The anonymous source cited by Waters is certainly right about one thing: it sure isnt rocket science.

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Roger Waters: There Is US Media Conspiracy to Silence My Anti-Israel Views – Algemeiner

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