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Jewish Racism, Jewish “Religion”

The Old Testament (the Torah) and the Talmud constitute the basics of Judaism and contain the principles by which todays Jews live. But see what an abyss of racial hatred and intolerance they contain, as one closer studies these Jewish scriptures.

Khazar Jews from Russia

Israeli soldiers reading from the Jewish Holy Scriptures. What is it they contain that inspires them to such atrocities?

Some basic Jewish terminology

Goy – non-Jew (sing.) Includes Christians, Muslims, everyone not belonging to the “chosen people”.

Chutzpah – Jewish audacity, when for instance blatantly lying to non-Jews (goyim).

Mitzvah – a Jewish “religious” good deed.

Amalek – The Jews’ eternal enemies, has shifted to Armenians, Germans, Palestinians, Iranians…

Amalek Mitzvah – the Jewish “religious” commandment of exterminating the “Amalek”.

Shiksa – non-Jewish female, synonymous to “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing”.

Schwartzer – a Black person in jiddisch, used in a deregatory manner.

Balak – Halacha permits the killing of gentiles and “apostates”.

Matot – one is permitted to kill a gentile, according to the Torah and Halacha.

Halakha – the collective body of Jewish religious law (Torah, Talmud, Mitzvot).

– Torah, the Jewish Bible, Isaiah, Chapter 60:10-12, “The Glory of Zion”.

Rabbi Friedman: Revenge and Hate – that’s the Jewish way – “arise and killem first”Rabbi Mordechai Friedman, close comrade of the Jewish racist Meir Kahane, speaks on “authentic Judaism”.

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The murderous doctrines in the Jewish holy scriptures are not just something peripheral or a thing “from the past”. One has to understand that these very doctrines are today indoctrinated in the Yeshivas (Jewish religious schools) and by Israeli Army rabbis to the soldiers of the Jewish state. Israel, with F-15, F-16 warplanes, missiles, submarines and nuclear weapons thus has a military permeated with teachings of racism and genocide. And if any one tries to call this “anti-Semitic fantasies”, please see the evidence from leading rabbis below AND the murderous policies of Israel’s military in for instance the 2006 Lebanon war and the 2008-2009 and 2014 Gaza wars and also remember the statements on divine rights and biblical references by Zionist leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and likes.

For information on the Jewish state’s massacres and war atrocities, please see our section on Israeli violence, terror, massacres.

For information on the Jewish state’s anti-Christian policies, please see our section on Christianity – under Jewish attack.

For information on the Jewish state’s Apartheid policies, please see our section on Zionism – the practical application of Judaism.

For more on modern “Jews” connection to the Khazar people of southern Russia, please see our section on Khazar Jews.

“Jewish humour” Anno 2009: “How to cook a Gentile”. Comic strip taken from the Jewish homepage of Heeb Magazine, issue No15, 2009 (called “The Goy Issue”). The whole strip with its blood dripping gore and absurdities can be viewed, checking this link (recommended).

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