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May 15, 2017

Adolf Hitler absolutely was for the preservation of the nordic race (1) blond, 2) blue-eyed & 3) narrow- faced whites) as the natural ruling elite. ButThird Reich policies, statements and message were designed not to OFFEND the majority of Germans, who were, and are, good, smart, honest, industrious people of brown or dark-hair and somewhat []

May 14, 2017

..There are indicators Mohammed was probably white-skinned Here are just a few: In Sahih Al Bukhary vol. 1 no. 63, we read while we were sitting with the Prophet, a man came and said, who amongst you is Mohammed? We replied, this white man reclining on his arm In volume 2 Hadith no. 122 refers []

May 13, 2017

ARE YOU A STARSEED? 27 STARSEED CHARACTERISTICS THAT MIGHT GIVE YOU AN ANSWER Cara HebertApril 25, 2016 [source:] Have you ever felt lonely or alienated? Like you just cant relate to anyone around you? There might be a reason for that. Starseeds are advanced beings that originate from far-distant stars and galaxies, whose mission []

May 12, 2017

President Kennedy, his daughter Caroline, his son John Junior and his wife Jacqueline, ne Bouvier JFK with John-John Jacqueline with John-John JFK with Caroline The leaders of the main European countries have a disturbing common point, highlighted by Phil Lawler. Emmanuel Macron, the new French president, has no children . . German Chancellor []

Marine Le Pen needed the conservative Catholic vote, but she lived shacked up with her Jewish lover, Louis Aliot, a lawyer. She also changed her position on abortion and gay marriage, and wobbled on leaving the EU and promised only a referendum after six months on the euro currency. Was there really massive, as in []

FBI HQ in Washington DC Facebook deleted this already once: I just had the weirdest experience, or not weird. I walked into the local tavern Here in Ontonagon. A very attractive young barmaid.. grew up here; knows everyone and everyone knows her. She stared at me open-mouthed.. Said I just had a dream about []

May 10, 2017

Afew pictures from Moscows Victory Day Parade from this year. Look at the delightful diversity!!!! If Russia had a Second Amendment, it would be very tempting for all of us to move there and help ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. Contact and support Contact/Supporting VIRTUS ..Hitlers one []

May 7, 2017

Article originally found on Worcester (England) Nationalist Alliance (representing British Renaissance) does street action blasting Labour VIP paedophiles and tolerators of grooming White, native English children in Worcester about to make Christmas pudding with two chefs at Holland House, the retreat house of the Anglican Diocese of Worcester. The British Renaissance Policy Institute .teamed []

The family husband/wife/children is under assault from chemtrails, cultural marxism and a bad economy. Ann Coulter debunks the myth that single moms often succeed in raising normal kids. . An Australian comrade wrote me: A spot-on video, John. We have two single mums, both colleagues of my wife, living next door to []

This keltic family from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada makes amazing music: the MacMaster-Leahy Kids . You can see the effect of great genes, as the parents play in 2011, six years agosuper performance! .

Genetic Study Find that Third Reich Scientists were Correct about Heredity andCriminality posted in Eugenics, Historical Revisionism, National Socialism, Racialism by apocalypse29 [source:] The new finding by U.S. scientists has therefore provided proof of what the Nazis knew in 1933: that criminal behavior is largely a genetic, hereditary issue. Duplicating a conclusion made by National []

May 2, 2017

UFO over the Untersberg, which faces Hitlers mountain retreat, the Berghof. There are UFOs that travel so fast, and dive so rapidly, like a bullet, into slits that open up for just a second in the ground and in mountains that they can fly in the middle of the day, and no one even sees []

April 29, 2017

It is on this solid legal basis that harkens back to the year 1973 that I will be demanding of President Trump, who was elected with almost 60% of the white vote, that WHITE RESERVATIONS be established so our species of animal life does not DIE OUT! Endangered Species Act of 1973 Wikipedia []

April 28, 2017

Just a kindly old great-grandpa? What a tissue of half-lies and outright lies is this obituary: Here is the truth: Speaking about the Israeli-caused cancer epidemic in greater Apollo, Pennsylvania in 2012 in Parks Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. To this day, 19-year-old teens in Apollo, Pennsylvania are getting testicular cancer, and 24-year-old mothers []

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