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A comrade wrote: This essay on neanderthals is great, but pretty long рЯШЙ .

I replied:

Well, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

And every true mental revolution merits a mountain of evidenceso we begin to see Jews as they are, a prehistoric, throwback and violent race.then becoming a roaming horde of outcasts and criminals, the Habiru (Hebrews) that once plagued the Near East.. a mob whose religion is now mere window-dressing for a worldwide life of savagery and crime.


I honor the now vindicated, courageous, visionary, part-Jewish author Michael Bradley of Alabama (and now Toronto, Canada) (

His seminal 1992 book Chosen People from the Caucasus states that semitic peoples have Stone Age neanderthal genes in significant amounts.

My friend, the late, great Michael Collins Piper, interviewed Michael Bradley in 2010


Famous US Jewish author Israel Zangwill, who promoted the idea of a melting pot of races

And this genetic makeup encourages violence, fanaticism and terrible oppression of women.

And it gives him, and Arabs as racial cousins, odd physical traits:

High pitched voice theory Neanderthal

One can hear the extremely high pitch in both Norman Finkelstein (Holocaust Industry) and in David Oweiss, a rabbi with the antizionist Neturei Karta. I met Oweiss at the 2006 American Free Press-The Barnes Review conference and again at the speakers reception the night before the 2007 No More Wars for Israel conference in southern California He had a supernaturally high voice much higher than an adult womans.

The J haplogroup (genetic group) (, though scientist dare not say it, is the neanderthalic group :

This book by the Jewish author Samuel Roth reveals the entire radical hatred that Jews feel for Gentiles:

Here is the half-Jewish Bradleys book on the violent, neanderthalic nature of Jews.

ADL bankroller and Jewish mega-gangster Meyer Lansky, buried with full honors in Israel

ISIS executioner Abaaoud

Classic Cro Magnon faces in modern Europeans and Americans with upright foreheads, straight up like the White Cliffs of Dover..

.and only slightly receding mouths and strong chins

Cro-Magnon versus Neanderthal chins

John Kennedy, as depicted in profile on the 1965 quarter-dollar coin, with truly perfect Cro Magnon features. (Ireland, home of all his ancestors, has or had until recently, by virtue of its location on the edge of Europe, the most stable Cro Magnon genetics of any European country.)

President Kennedy with German aristocrat and brilliant rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. The chin juts out, as much or more than the mouth.

Dutch actor Rutger Hauer

Irish-Australian actress Nicole Kidman

Miss Iceland 2007, Johanna Vala

French movie star Alain Delon

Depiction of prehistoric neanderthals; note the sloping forehead, protruding mouth, weak chin and semitic, hooked nose.

Screenshot from a National Geographic documentary

Depictions of trolls in mythology always resemble those of neanderthals, raising the question if the myths about trolls and ogres recall actual neanderthals (from the movie Troll II)

Cro magnon (white) and neanderthal (Jewish) skeletons

Cro Magnons (left) as stated above had foreheads that went straight up, and strong chins but flat mouths; neanderthals (right) have sloping foreheads, protruding mouths, and huge rib cages like gorillas, with a fire-hydrant body

A reconstructed neanderthal face and body

Many Jews.both sephardic and khazarian/ashkenazic

Note especially the protruding mouth of Lady Gaga, lower-left, and (below) that of 1960s singer Carly Simon.

A 2009 picture of Simon

A disturbing image of Queen Elizabeth II, on a pound sterling note, making her look far more neanderthalic around the mouth and in the shape of the nose than I think she actually does but is it maybe a hint at something?

Convicted and hanged Jewish sex killer and pedophile Leo Max Frank (; classic protruding mouth and (in his case, a slightly) hooked nose

.and yet Arabs. Armenians and other Middle Easterners ALSO have this neanderthal gene.

An Arab-muslim warlord preparing to attack a white, Christian army defending Europe

The Times Square bomber from Pakistan, Faisal Shahzad

Yassir Arafat, founder and head for decades of the PLO

A French Jew and synagogue president; note the fireplug body, protruding mouth and sloped forehead

Jewish boxer Vladimir Klitchko

German-Jewish Kabbalah writer Gershom Scholem (

Truly infamous Jewish neo-neanderthals: Jewish activist Samuel Untermeyer, creator of the lying Scofield Bible

Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney chief of staff who feloniously blew the cover of a vital CIA agent in retaliation for her husbands truthful disclosures about the bogus WMD accusations against Saddam Hussein and Iraq

Menachem Begin as a young man in 1940

Begin as cabinet minister

Shimon Peres

The rest is here:

Neanderthals & Semites John de Nugent

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