Anti-muslim campaigner Geert Wilders coming to Australia – Video

Anti-muslim campaigner Geert Wilders coming to Australia
2013 Geert Wilders is the Dutch anti-immigration and anti-Islam MP. He's the founder of the right wing Party For Freedom. Next week, Geert Wilders arrives in Australia for a visit that's been a long time in the making. He planned to come here about a year ago and drew early support from Liberal Senator Cory Bernadi who later distanced himself from the idea. Now he's being sponsored by the anti-Islamic group The Q Society, on a road trip that's sure to fire debate over what constitutes free speech or hate speech. Geert Wilders joins us now live from The Hague. Thanks for being there. (For people that have no/bad hearing, Or are deaf. Read this below, This is what they say in the interview.) GEERT WILDERS, LEADER, PARTY FOR FREEDOM: Well, thanks for having me on your show tonight. TONY JONES: Are you on some sort of global jihad against Islam? GEERT WILDERS: Indeed. I am more on a global jihad to preserve our freedom. I believe that even though I have nothing against the people or Muslims or anybody for that reason, I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible. And I believe that the mistakes that we made in Europe in the last decades by allowing so much mass immigration from Islamic countries is a warning that if Australia is not vigilant enough to preserve the freedom, what has happened here might happen to Australia in the next decades as well. TONY JONES: So very precisely you plan to warn Australian audiences of what you see as the danger of Islamic migration, is …

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Anti-muslim campaigner Geert Wilders coming to Australia – Video

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