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The EuroFolkRadio.com Pastors Are We In The End Times?

On todays show I was joined by four of the five Pastors who have shows on EuroFolkRadio.com: Pastor Dan Johns; Pastor Eli James; Pastor Paul Mullett; and Pastor Steve.

The subject of the show was, Are We In The End Times?

This was an ambitious show for me, as it wasthe first time I have had four different guests at once, but they all made it easy for me by being extremely respectful of each other, never talking overeach other, and they all offered wonderful insights on both a scriptural and secular level.

In my opinion this show is perfect for both Bible believers and atheists alike, as whichever your perspective, the evidence offered should prove once and for all, that the Identity interpretation of scripture is correct.

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Ben Garrison Www.GrrrGraphics.com

On todays show I was joined by Ben Garrison, the political cartoonist of great renown.

We discussed: the decline of editorial cartooning; big pharma; the banking bailout; liberalism; and many other topics.

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In The Name Of Yahweh Part 5 (37 B.C. A.D. 30 The Life Of Christ)

On todays show I continued the series in which I read my book, In The Name Of Yahweh, in its entirety.

On todays show I read 37 B.C. A.D. 30 The Life Of Christ.

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Kevin Alfred Strom National Alliance And National Vanguard

On todays show I was joined by Kevin Alfred Strom, the Media Director of the National Alliance and the National Vanguard.

We discussed: the history of Dr. William Pierces, The Turner Diaries, and, Hunter, which he wrote under the pseudonym, Andrew Macdonald,; Kevins memories of Dr. William Pierce including the fact Dr. Pierce based the character of, Kevin Linden, in, Hunter, on Kevin Alfred Strom; how there are over 300, American Dissident Voices, broadcasts by Dr. William Pierce in existence, that are in the process of being remastered (over 100 have been remastered to date); and many other topics.

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Chris Petherick This Weeks American Free Press

On todays show I will bejoined by Chris Petherick, the Editor-In-Chief of AFP, to run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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