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The Great Revilo Oliver: The Jewish Plague, part 10

White people, their brains fogged by Bible teachings absorbed in childhood, often identify with the ancient Jews and their hatred of the Romans who ruled them. In reality, modern Whites should take the opposite view: the Romans were our ancestors or our ancestors kin and, in Jewish-Roman or

One of the great dangers of empire is the spread of alien doctrines to your own people, typified by the spread of Christianity from conquered Palestine into Europe during the latter centuries of Roman rule.A rational look at the Jewish Question: What was the real, hidden origin of Christianity?American

With the rise of Christianity, Roman and Hellenic artistic standards fell precipitously: Look at this stiff, crude representation of the early Church Fathers, and compare it to the beautiful, naturalistic, yet idealistic portraiture and representations of the human face and body

Despite their disparate views on religion and their thin and wide geographical dispersal, Jews are remarkably united in opposition to White interests.A rational look at the Jewish Question: Have the Jews switched strategies, and now work to exterminate our race rather than merely exploit it?American

Religious JewsA rational look at the Jewish Question: How have the Jews used religion their own and that of others to advance their agenda?American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 16, 2017Listen to the broadcastby Kevin Alfred StromIS THE Jewish religion a sincerely-held

William Pierce (1933-2002; pictured) saw more deeply into the nature of life and farther into the future than any other thinker of modern times. Here we present extracts of American Dissident Voices broadcasts honoring his life and Kevin Alfred StromWILLIAM PIERCE changed

A rational look at the Jewish Question: To what extent are Jewish thought processes distinct from those of Europeans?American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 9, 2017Listen to the broadcastby Kevin Alfred StromDO JEWS have a mentality as different from ours as a parasites is from

A Hyksos sphinx, c. 1850 BCE: Could we be looking at a 3,900-year-old Jewish or other Semitic face, rendered by a subject Egyptian artist?A rational look at the Jewish Question: The ancient history of the Jews gives us clues to their psychology and strategies.American Dissident Voices

Here we see an idealized sculpture of the Roman Emperor Claudius, surrounded by a semicircular swastika design. Claudius, who was befriended by Jews early in his career, was eventually to call them the fomenters of a universal plague.A rational look at the Jewish Question from ancient

Revilo Pendleton Oliver in 1969Why are the Jews attacking the very existence of our race? What is their motivation? A rational look at the Jewish QuestionAmerican Dissident Voices broadcast of August 19, 2017Listen to the broadcastby Kevin Alfred StromWHY IS IT important to study and understand

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