RizoliTV The Controversial Books and topics(1/4) – Video

RizoliTV The Controversial Books and topics(1/4)
The beginning credits of RizoliTV is not for the weak of heart. Topics showed by fleet passing of books take on new meaning covering many topics such as, the Jews, their apartheid, their being the anti-Christ, holocaust lies and other topics like cults, the Roman Catholic Church, The ADL and Leo Frank, Christianity and Americas Heritage, The Constitution, Hollywood and the Jews, Internet censorship, The Power of Israel in the USA, homosexuality, Brainwashed Universities, 911 and where did the towers go by Judy Wood, The Nuremberg trials, The Iron Curtain over America, The 6 Million Myth Michael Collins Piper and his Kennedy Assassination book Final Judgement. Something for everybody here. CCFIILE.com is a great place to learn about the holocaust lies.From:Joe RizoliViews:7 2ratingsTime:15:01More inEducation

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RizoliTV The Controversial Books and topics(1/4) – Video

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