Monroe mayor talks race, Louis Farrakhan at State of the City …

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo addressed the public during his State of the City discussion Wednesday afternoon at the Monroe Civic Center. There were a lot of topics on the table to discuss.

He talked about race and why he gave the key to the city to Louis Farrakhan, the leader of a designated hate group. Since the news broke about it in December, it raised a lot of questions and controversy.

Betty Cooper, the local NAACP Vice President, went to listen to the mayor’s discussion. She said the time is now to talk about race in this city.

“We have to come together strongly, and we can expose the darkness wherever we find it, even with race division,” she said.

Mayo announced the race conversation after he gave the keys to the city to Farrakhan. Mayo said he didn’t mean to offend anyone by giving Farrakhan the key, but he won’t apologize for it.

During the discussion, Mayo also said this isn’t the first time people are demanding an apology from him after honoring controversial people and groups. He said he gave two proclamations to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and what he called the LGBT group. He continued to say some people found them “offensive” and compared them to a hate group.

“No matter what decisions that I make, somebody is going to be offended or somebody is going to disagree. I didn’t apologize for giving a…proclamation to the Sons of the Confederacy, which some people are offended by them,” he said. “Some people offended by the LGBT group. They want me to apologize for giving them a proclamation. In fact, I read the proclamation at their event. And some people say, ‘well, they’re not a hate group,’ but different people have their different beliefs about different things.”

He also said not everyone is going to agree with his decisions or the public’s opinion; but he wants folks to be open to agreeing to disagree.

Since the Farrakhan controversy, Mayor Jamie Mayo made it clear he wanted to host a public meeting to talk about specific race-related issues people have in Monroe.

That will take place next Tuesday at 6.p.m at the Civic Center.

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Monroe mayor talks race, Louis Farrakhan at State of the City …

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