Bannon Ousted as Trump Huddles with Generals on Afghan War – Sputnik International

On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by human rights and labor lawyer Dan Kovalik, and Brian Terrell of Voice for Creative Non-Violence.

Steve Bannon, White House chief strategist is out. His firing comes onthe day that Trump meets withthe generals todiscuss an escalation ofthe war inAfghanistan, a move which Bannon opposed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been silent onhis friend Donald Trump’s comments defending the neo-Nazis who rallied and carried outa terrorist attack inCharlottesville last weekend. Brian is joined by Max Blumenthal, journalist and bestselling author, aswell asthe senior editor ofAlterNet’s Grayzone Project.

A judge has ordered the deportation ofRasmea Odeh, a Palestinian activist who had her US citizenship taken away fromher. But despitethis injustice, the struggle fora free Palestine continues. Kristian Davis Bailey, the founder ofBlack4Palestine who was incourt yesterday withRasmea, joins the show.

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Bannon Ousted as Trump Huddles with Generals on Afghan War – Sputnik International

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