Michael Scheuer: Endall foreign aid, and all immigration …

Michael Scheuer lays out a checklist for dealing with the resistance to the Trump administration, and the misguided foreign intervention policies currently being considered by the Trump administration.

I have a strong case of heart-burn over Trumps military intervention in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The result of these delusional exercises in reinforcing defeat will be the well-established norm: dead, maimed, and PTSD-ed Marines and soldiers; billions of wasted dollars; and more defeats.

How could General McMaster and his fellow generals, for example, believe that the retaking of cities in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan is a game that is worth the candle?

The actor John Wayne is reputed to have said that Life is tough, but its tougher if you are stupid. U.S. generals have thoroughly validated Mr. Waynes words, and their pensions and post-military, corporate-director salaries ought to be confiscated to help pay for the enormous costs U.S. taxpayers are going to pay for having their military mired in demolished cities and responsible for administering, feeding, and rebuilding them as the trophy for the feckless campaign that captures them, but leaves an unbeaten, stronger, and more elusive Islamist insurgent enemy in the field.

Back to the so-called anti-Trump resistance, which, of course, will soon field the wholly-owned, Democratic Party-subsidiary known as the American Peace Movement, which I noticed was utterly silent during gangster-Obamas rule, though that cold-blooded thug murdered far more civilians than all of the covert operations undertaken in the decade prior to his election, probably by a factor of 50-to-1 or more.

What to do? Two courses of action are in order.

A) The first is for President Trump and his team to accelerate their campaign to make good on the goals set and promises made by Trump during the election.

B.) With what Trump already has accomplished, moderate, visible, and tangible advances on the issues above ought to be enough to enlarge his majorities in Congress, and to reelect him in 2020.

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Richard C. Young is the editor of Richard C. Youngs Intelligence Report, and a contributing editor to both Richardcyoung.com and Youngresearch.com.

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Michael Scheuer: Endall foreign aid, and all immigration …

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