Cavuto Warns Trump on Corker Attacks: ‘I Think It’s Going to Cost You’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” host Neil Cavuto warned President Donald Trump if he continues his Twitter war with Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), he will risk “losing” both his agenda and “just being a human being.” Cavuto said, “Let me cut to the chase, you can chase those tax cuts goodbye. I know Wall Street doesn’t see it, most Republicans on Capitol Hill deny it. The president himself is still banking on it. What if I told you it’s the president himself who risks torpedoing it? Mr. ‘Art of the Deal’ is killing the deal. I am talking about your deal, Mr. President. I’m actually talking to you, Mr. President. You’ve got this, and yet you are losing this.” He continued, “It’s not that some of your ideas aren’t sound — they are. It’s that increasingly, this erratic behavior is making me wonder whether you are. I know you say Senator Corker started all of this bad mouthing you, but last time I checked, you are the president of the United States. Tweeting out these tacky insults just seems beneath you. I think it’s going to cost you. You’re running out of friends faster than you are running out

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Cavuto Warns Trump on Corker Attacks: ‘I Think It’s Going to Cost You’

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