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Save Net Neutrality: Why Net Neutrality Is Necessary for White Advocacy

by Russell JamesSINCE THE RECENT announcement that Trumps Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is almost certainly going to do away with net neutrality when they vote on the issue on December 14, pundits on every side of the issue have been weighing in with their opinions. This contributes

by Hadding ScottIN REGARDto the hostile reactions toward the appointment of Stephen Bannon, former editor of Breitbart, as Donald Trumps chief of staff, there is an interesting contrast between the treatment given by the Occidental Observer (ostensibly a White nationalist site), and

by Dr. Edmund ConnellyIVE NEVER WORKEDa day of my life on Wall Street and, in fact, have never knowingly spoken with someone who has. Still, it is childs play to uncover the vast roles Jews play in New Yorks financial district. For that matter, it is not that hard to show how Hollywood consistently

The wider context of Jewish white collar crimeby Dr. Andrew JoyceTHREE YEARS AGOI wrote an analysis of the Marc Rich case. I wanted the piece to be as clinical and empirically sound as possible, so I relied heavily on a report authored by government investigators acting for the United States Congress

by Dr. Andrew JoyceToo often you have not been welcomedForgive the closed-mindedness and indifference of our societies, which fear the change of lifestyle and mentality that your presence requires.Pope Francis, 2016.Europe is the faith, and the faith is EuropeI say again, renewing

by Dr. Edmund ConnellyIM THRILLEDto see that retired scholar James Petras is still punching above his weight. Last month he published yet another powerful essay on his website,this one explicitly bringing to our attention the whopping over-representation of one particular ethnic

by Hadding ScottThe Ideal vs. the PossibleFIRST I WANTto explain that White advocacy and electoral politics are two distinct matters. There is some relationship between the two, but they are different with their own guiding principles (especially in this winner-take-all electoral system, which

by Lawson WellbornWITH THE recent centennial of the death by lynching of Leo Max Frank, public attention has been fixed once again on the remarkable dual murders of Mary Phagan and Leo Frank. As is fairly well-known at this point, 13-year-old Mary Phagan was murdered in the National Pencil Factory in

by Tobias LangdonITS A MYSTERYworthy of the Twilight Zone. Government inspectors in the British city of Birmingham have discovered unregistered schools where children are being taught misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic material in unhygienic and filthy

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