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We are still trying to get back to normal after getting bounced by PayPal. I decided to try Patreon and have added a connection so it’s possible to donate Bitcoin via Coinbase.

The PayPal campaign to cripple the Alt Right financially is part of the new reality, where the SPLC is now participating in censoring You Tube videos, and Alt Righters still on Twitter are wondering when the next round of purges will happen. There does appear to be a bit of pushback against the SPLC lately, since Mark Potok, Heidi Beirich, et al. are now going after mainstream conservatives like Senator Rand Paul and moderate immigration critic Mark Krikorian (who writes for Trump-hating National Review) . I guess going after AltRighters like me wasn’t bringing in enough money.

Article emphasizes that @splcenter is a money-making scheme still given credence by the media, even though it portrays moderate conservatives and libertarians like Christina Hoff Sommers, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Mark Krikorian as haters. Shows how far left the media is these days.

— Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) March 2, 2018

As Ramzpaul notes, Google uses the ADL and the SPLC, “both are left-wing Jewish organizations,” for advice on censorship. As we have noted, the SPLC is indeed funded predominantly by Jews.

But the bad news is that the mainstream continues to move ever further left. Or maybe it’s good news because the Democrats will nominate someone so far to the left (Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren) that she won’t be able to win even with the usual stratospheric percentages from non-Whites (not to mention voter fraud by illegals) and White people will continue the process of waking up to the reality that there is indeed a hostile elite that hates traditional White America with a passion.

This is from the donations page.

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Patreon and Bitcoin donations can now be made

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