33. Military Train, Eastern Power and a Traffic Jam- Jan. 22, 2013 – Video

33. Military Train, Eastern Power and a Traffic Jam- Jan. 22, 2013
An eastbound military train, three Union Pacific eastbound freights, and one UP westbound freight travel over Union Pacific's Little Rock Subdivision between Longview and Marshall, Texas on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. While I was enroute to the Kilgore College campus in Kilgore, Texas about 1:30 pm an eastbound UP freight with a CSX SD50-2 in consist passed through downtown on the Palestine Subdivision. When I left about two hours later I spotted a military train parked on the Palestine Subdivision track just south of Longview waiting to enter the junction to the Little Rock Sub, which is just to the west of the Longview Amtrak station. I quickly went home to get my camera and drove east of Longview to milepost 85.01, Mason Springs Church Rd. to wait. However, I got an eastbound UP stack train passing slowly by. There was a 10 mph slow order three miles ahead of this train at milepost 82, the east end of the eight mile double track portion of the Little Rock Sub. from Longview to Hallsville. The east switch has been undergoing maintainance this month. I decided to drive to another favorite spot of mine at milepost 76.26, Muntz Cutoff Rd. to film the military train passing at faster speeds. Upon my arrival I noticed a westbound train in the Keokuk passing siding east of this road crossing. After several minutes the gates went down and another eastbound stack train accelerated slowly from a stop. I guess it had gotten a red signal at Keokuk due to the westbound entering the …

By: arkadoodlersy

33. Military Train, Eastern Power and a Traffic Jam- Jan. 22, 2013 – Video

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