Migrant Attacks Italian Asylum Home Worker Over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet

A Senegalese migrant unleashed an attack on an asylum worker in Cassino, a southern community of Italy, after complaining that the facility didn’t have wireless Internet.

The asylum seeker, age 26, first reportedly threatened the worker. And then, when the worker couldn’t do anything about wireless, the migrant became aggressive and began beating the employee.

Italy has been facing backlash over the waves of migrants that have been welcomed by political leftists into the country, affecting current election cycles:

Breitbart has more on the migrant attack, though:

According to employees, the incident is not the first time residents of the asylum home have become angry about the lack of wireless internet, saying that there have been several similar occurrences in the past.

The case echoes a story from 2015 in which migrants living in the Italian town of Ceranova went on a rampage after demanding free Wi-Fi access in order to Skype with their loved ones in their home countries. The migrants, who were not working and being housed at taxpayer expense, threw garbage bins into the roads in protest.

Riots in Italian migrant homes are also not an uncommon occurrence as many have protested the living conditions. Earlier this year, in the migrant reception centre in Arcinazzo, dozens of migrants took to the streets to protest a lack of proper medical supplies and complained there was not enough variety in the food they received.

Mass migration has become one of the focal points of the Italian national election, which is set to be held on Sunday. As a result of the migrant crisis, some estimate there to be hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers in the country.

In some towns, like the former seaside resort town of Castel Volturno north of Naples, illegal migrants now make up a majority of the population. Many have complained that the town has fallen into the hands of Nigerian criminal gangs, as well.

Both leaders of the centre-right coalition, populist La Lega leader Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia leader and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, have promised to deport between 500,000 and 600,000 illegal migrants if they win on Sunday.

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Migrant Attacks Italian Asylum Home Worker Over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet

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