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The arrest ended a 10-day nationwide manhunt for the 32-year-old fugitive wanted on arson and burglary charges in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, where he mailed a 161-pagemanifestoto President Trump, denouncing government and religion.

The FBI posted a $20,000 reward for the fugitive. During the manhunt, additional security was provided for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is from Janesville.

We would like to say that this is a Good Friday in more than one way, Vernon County Sheriff John Spears told Lacrosse television stationWXOW-TVin announcing Jakubowskis arrest early Friday.

Firearms believed stolen from a Janesville, Wisconsin, gun dealer when Jakubowski disappeared on April 4 were found at the scene, authorities said without immediately confirming all 18 weapons were recovered.

Jakubowskis mysterious disappearancebegun when he set his car afire and allowed a friend to video him mailing the manifestoended in the simplest of ways.

A farmer in Vernon County, about 125 miles northwest of Janesville, called the sheriffs department Thursday evening when spotted a stranger who had set up a makeshift tent on the rural private property and refused to leave.

The farmer said he initially didnt realize the stranger was the wanted fugitive, and described him as cordial, the Lacrosse station reported.

The farmer, a retired high school counselor identified as Jeffrey Gorn by The Associated Press, told authorities he talked to the man for about an hour and never felt threatened

The farmer said Jakubowski was angry with society in general, but never raised his voice, the station reported.

Later, the farmer called the sheriffs office telling dispatchers a man matching the description of Jakubowski was camping at that location and refused to leave when he had been asked to do so, authorities said in a news release.

A team of 125 law enforcement officers from 14 agencies was dispatched to the scene and, under cover of darkness, established a perimeter around the 150-acre farm.

About 6 a.m. Friday, shortly beforesunrise, SWAT team officers approached the tent using a Bearcat tactical vehicle and arrested the fugitive without incident, the sheriffs department said.

He gave up withoutany resistance and was taken into custody, the Vernon County sheriff told the Lacrosse television reporters. There was an overwhelming force there [and]I think he understood what he was facing, so he gave up peacefully.

Investigators have said Jakubowski mailed a161-page manifestoto President Donald Trump that contains extensive, rambling screeds against the government and religion.

At one point in the manifesto, the author wrote, We need to spill their blood.

WTMJ-TVin Milwaukee reported Thursday it obtained a copy of a portion of the manifesto before Jakubowskis disappearance.

In the rambling screed, Jakubowski contends government and religion are brainwashing citizens, and he wants his death carried out by the hands of the president on live television, the station reported.

He said he was willing to carry out violent acts, but doesnt list specific targets.

Investigators say while Jakubowski apparently research survivalist sites and obtained a bullet proof vest and a helmet, he doesnt have any known affiliations with militia or Patriot groups.

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Antigovernment Fugitive Arrested on Wisconsin Farm – Southern Poverty Law Center

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