Hatewatch Headlines 8/10/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

New York Times: The alt-right finds a new enemy in Silicon Valley.

Washington Blade: Anti-LGBT hate groups are on the rise, with a big thanks to the Trump White House.

Right Wing Watch: Frank Gaffney warns that H.R. McMaster is staging nothing short of a coup detat against Trump.

The Verge: This years Jewish center bomb threats may have been part of a dark web threat-for-hire business.

Think Progress: Americas immigration ignorance threatens to push the economy into crisis.

Media Matters: White nationalist VDare hosting conference in Colorado featuring Breitbart columnist.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Court upholds child-porn conviction for militia leader from Minnesota.

Salon: Louisiana congressman helping lead GOP effort to limit the federal definition of gender.

Associated Press: Texas man who was convicted of James Byrds dragging death gets court review for his sentence.

Patch (Florida): White-supremacist propaganda found along with methamphetamine, guns, in search of home.

Raw Story: Racist grocery clerk in Montana fired after being caught on video profiling Native American couple.

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Hatewatch Headlines 8/10/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

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