Hatewatch Headlines 8/11/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

Political Research Associates: A guide to whos coming to the largest white nationalist rally in a decade.

Vice: Andrew Anglin tells neo-Nazi troll army, We have to be sexy at the big rally.

Politico: Trump administration is closing civil-rights cases at an increased rate.

Think Progress: White House adviser Gorka says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much.

Politifact: No, the Obama administration did not invent the term lone wolf, and there have been many non-Islamist terrorism plots.

Salon: Pro-Trump CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord fired after tweeting a Nazi salute.

BuzzFeed: We sent Alex Jones Infowars health supplements to a lab for analysis, and heres what they found.

Right Wing Watch: After years of conspiracy theories about Obama holding onto office, half of Republicans say theyd postpone 2020 vote for Trump.

Huffington Post: Breitbart editor triggered by Vogue cover with Jennifer Lawrence as the Statue of Liberty.

CNN: Trump Ag pick Sam Clovis stoked Birther conspiracies, called Eric Holder a racist black.

Oregonian: White-nationalist group sends cash donation to anti-immigration activists.

Bradenton Herald (FL): Self-proclaimed neo-Nazis charged with stealing cars and dealing meth.

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Hatewatch Headlines 8/11/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

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