Hatewatch Headlines 8/9/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

Newsweek: Alt-right, Nazis and KKK to emerge from behind keyboards to form largest racist protest in decades.

Daily Courier (Charlottesville, VA): ACLU, Rutherford challenge citys decision to move site of Unite the Right.

Business Insider: ‘The most well-organized campaign in the history of the alt-right’ is targeting H.R. McMaster.

Think Progress: White House defends silence on mosque bombing, says it might have been faked by liberals.

New Yorker: The decades-long campaign to cut legal immigration gains ground in the Trump White House.

Esquire: Jeff Sessions Justice Department backs another assault on the right to vote.

Rewire: Sheriffs and anti-immigrant hate groups are teaming up nationwide to spout nativist claptrap.

Palm Beach Post (FL): Man fatally shot while defending gay friends from threatening slurs.

CNN: On average, nine mosques have been targeted every month this year so far.

Raw Story: Trump-supporting school board president in California panics about sex education turning kids gay.

Media Matters: Far right alternative-media figures think the Google Manifesto proves them right.

Right Wing Watch: Pat Robertson says totally bogus Fox News scandals are part of a conspiracy to destroy the network.

The Guardian: The rise of the racist bots: How AI is learning all our worst impulses.

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Hatewatch Headlines 8/9/2017 – Southern Poverty Law Center

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