Libya: The Fall of Gaddafi – Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Video

Libya: The Fall of Gaddafi – Stuff They Don't Want You to Know When Gaddafi's regime fell, the Libyan rebels quickly set up new infrastructure, including a central bank and an oil company. These moves — as well as linge… By: ConspiracyStuff

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Commentary: Second holocaust?

“Irans plan for a second holocaust must be stopped, says John Bolton on the cover of Newsmaxs April issue. A remarkable document and a must read. License photo WASHINGTON, March 28 (UPI) — “SHOWDOWN” is splashed in large red letters across the cover of Newsmax, the April issue of the conservative monthly.

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Iraq inflation falls to 6.9% from 7.3% in September « The Currency …

BAGHDAD: Iraq's core annual rate of inflation fell to 6.9 percent in October from 7.3 percent in September, driven mainly by a dip in the cost of food items, a central bank official said on Tuesday. A fall in the cost of clothes and …

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Iraq Foreign Currency Reserves reach $58 billion | Yalla Finance

Iraq's foreign currency reserves have risen to close to $58 billion and are expected to increase further thanks to a rise in oil revenues, a central bank official said.

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IMF: Palestine Financial Institutions Ready For Statehood …

The Palestine Monetary Authority now fulfills the core functions of a central bank in terms of supervision and regulation, the report said. It lauded increased fiscal transparency and discipline of Palestinian institutions. …

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German central banker criticized for remarks on Jews – CNBC

German government leaders condemned a central bank executive on Sunday for making anti-Semitic remarks before the publication of his book on Monday that takes a critical look at Turk and Arab immigrants.

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