Michael Scheuer – The Colbert Report – 2011-28-02 – Video …

Michael Scheuer believes the war on terror has barely begun because the American people don’t have a clue about why they’re being attacked.

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Snowden says ‘significant threats’ to his life

Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told German TV on Sunday about reports that U.S. government officials want to assassinate him for leaking secret documents about the NSA's collection of telephone records and emails. In what German public broadcaster ARD said was Snowden's first television interview, Snowden also said he believes the NSA has monitored other top …

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Can George Zimmerman get a fair trial? – Video

Can George Zimmerman get a fair trial? George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara says he finds it “disgusting” that, according to an Orlando Sentinel poll, the vast majority of people don't think that his client can get a fair trial.Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

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'Libya is the next top tourist spot'

Sydney, July 30 (ANI): Despite enduring more than 40 years of bloody terror and dictatorship, a Libyan tourist organisation believes the country has what it takes to be the next top tourist spot.

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Intelligence panel chairman implicates Iran in bombing, says Israel could retaliate

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in an interview with Fox News, implicated Iran in the bombing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria and said the U.S. should take Israel at its word that they will retaliate.

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Elections to mark new start for Libya economy

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – For Tripoli businessman Salem Mohammed, Libya's first elections in a generation on Saturday will pave the way for what he believes the North African country should become – a new Dubai. “We have oil, we have money, Libya can easily be just like Dubai,” the 47 year old, who works in manufacturing, said. “We just need foreign investors and hopefully they will now start coming …

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Still a No! Russia thumbs down new Syria resolution draft – Video

03-02-2012 12:13 Moscow says it cannot support the new draft resolution on Syria. Although the text has been softened to overcome some of Russia’s objections, it still falls short of addressing Moscow’s main concerns. RT’s Marina Portnaya in New York.

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Anti-Semetic America? | Light of Messiah Ministries International

One in four Americans believes the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus states a survey sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Anti-Defamation League says they finds it worrisome that so many …

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Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear …

Obama believes the world would be a safer, simpler, and more peaceful place if not for Israel, says neocon Bill Kristol.

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Standing For God – A Leading Rabbi In Jerusalem Believes The …

In a documentary produced by my son, Jim Jr., a leading rabbi in Jerusalem says that he believes the next Jewish temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in his lifetime and he says everything is ready to build that temple …

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UNESCO, Palestine and Canada – Beyond The Commons, Capital …

Canada is deeply disappointed by the decision taken by UNESCO. Canada believes the only solution to this issue is a negotiated settlement between the two parties. Under no circumstances will Canada cover the budgeting …

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Montel Williams: Israel leads in medical marijuana – seattlepi.com

JERUSALEM (AP) — Emmy Award-winning television personality and patient activist Montel Williams said Sunday he was impressed with Israel's liberal attitude toward medical marijuana, and he believes the U.S.

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Gaza and Gas the dispute between Israel and Turkey | Stopping the …

Analyst Boris Kalnoky, writing in the German newspaper Die Welt, believes the gas constitutes the main reason behind Turkey's belligerence towards Israel regarding Gaza rather than any alleged Palestinian suffering. …

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Gaza and Gas | FrontPage Magazine

Analyst Boris Kalnoky, writing in the German newspaper Die Welt, believes the gas constitutes the main reason behind Turkey's belligerence towards Israel regarding Gaza rather than any alleged Palestinian suffering.

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Open Question: Messianic (christian) Jew views concerning the …

Now, for the Messianic Jews , there are a group that believes the same way as the Orthodox Jews, that Yeshuah will make things whole in the end that all men kind as well as angels will enter the new Heaven and earth to …

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Book battles heat up over censorship vs. selection in school …

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League , says he believes the challenges are increasingly influenced by politics and the economy. ” Districts are dependent on budgets, and politically motivated …

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Iran lawmaker: US behind Iraq unrest | Citizens for Legitimate …

Iran lawmaker: US behind Iraq unrest 16 Jul 2011 A senior Iranian lawmaker says Tehran believes the US is responsible for the acts of terrorism carried out in Shia or Sunni-populated regions of Iraq. …

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Jews To Michele Bachmann: It's Not Pronounced “Choot-Spa” « Alan …

Michele Bachmann may belong to a church that believes the Pope is the Antichrist, but that isn't stopping her from trying to ingratiate herself with the Jews .

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Libya stalemate will push West to back AU plan | Libya TV

The chairman of the African Union Jean Ping believes the West will inevitably come round to accepting the organisation's plan for a ceasefire in Libya as NATO's bombing campaign has failed to dislodge Muammar Gaddafi. …

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U.S. concerned over Libya weapons reaching al Qaeda | The Raw Story

Libya's neighbor Algeria has said it believes the chaos inside Libya , and the large quantities of weapons circulating there, is being exploited by al Qaeda's North African branch, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). …

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readergal1004: #48 Anne Frank and Me

#48 Anne Frank and Me Title: Anne Frank and Me Author: Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottsfeld Genre: YA Fiction Pages: 291 (PB) Length of time to read: 2 Days Synopsis: Nicole Burns believes the Holocaust is ancient history, …

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Gaddafi Will 'Inevitably' Leave Power In Libya, Says Obama

“Obama is still delusional,” Libyan government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said. “He believes the lies that his own government and media spread around the world … It’s not Obama who decides whether Muammar Gaddafi leaves Libya or not.

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Obama on Israel, Palestine: Borders Should Be Based on 1967 Lines …

In a speech on the Middle East Thursday, President Obama gave what was to some an unexpected stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in stating that the United States believes the borders for the two countries should follow 1967 …

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Forex: Turkey Encouraged to Increase Rates to Prevent Slump in the …

This Thursday the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will meet together to consider its regulation and monetary policies options and recommending the public in Turkey to learn what is forex. Currently, Goldman Sachs believes the …

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Iraq expects fourth mobile license to fetch between $1 billion and …

Speaking to Reuters recently, Iraq’s communications minister, Mohammed Allawi, said he believes the auction for a fourth mobile phone operator license at the end of this year could fetch between $1 billion and $2 billion. …

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