Jewish Family Services Of LA Holds Celebrated Day Of Hope Fundraiser

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA.com) The Jewish Family Services of LA held a fundraiser Sunday on the CBS Radford lot. CBS2s Juan Fernandez said the sunny day was filled with happy faces and bright smiles on the lots New York Street. The groups fundraiser, called A Day of Hope, raises money for families in need in the community. Todays fundraising effort was specifically aimed at the needs of young people and students. CBS is a partner to the event. Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS Entertainment, said The objective is to lift people up, get them out of co-dependent and potentially dangerous situations and set them up on a life that is independent and all the best opportunities to have a good life. Jewish Family Services has been in operation for 160 years and noted that they have always been there to help all families, from all walks of life. The groups CEO, Susie Forer-Dehrey echoed that sentiment. We have about 12,000 people that come to us every single month, Forer-Dehrey said, And since the economic downturn, weve seen people slide from middle class to lower middle class and the need is so great. And even though we are a Jewish organization, we provide for the entire community no matter what background they are from. Superstar Josh Groban sang and wowed the crowd. Hes a native Angeleno who was happy to help. Being in a position now, where I can help, and sing for adults and kids, and on a nice afternoon. Usually its 11 oclock at night [when I'm performing.] To come out here and have a picnic and a burger and for a wonderful cause, its a pleasure, Groban said. For more information about Jewish Family Services of LA and the many programs they offer, click here.

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Jewish Folks Telling Jokes Promo – Video

Jewish Folks Telling Jokes Promo Highlights from our 2012 event. Tickets for the May 20, 2014 event go on sale April 1st. By: Jewish Family and Child

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Rare Holocaust-Era Teen Diary Revealed for First Time Will Further Holocaust Education around the Globe

SAN FRANCISCO, March 4, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ The JFCS Holocaust Center in partnership with Lehrhaus Judaica today announced the publication of The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc. After more than 70 years in obscurity, the diary of a teenage girl that was found at Auschwitz in 1945 will be revealed for the first time to the public on March 10, 2014. Accompanied by rich background materials and edited by National Jewish Book Award recipient Alexandra Zapruder, the book is destined to become an important source of inspiration for students of the Holocaust around the world. In 1940, the Nazis forced young Rywka Lipszyc (pronounced Rif-ka Lip-shitz) and her family into what would become Polands notorious Lodz Ghetto. After witnessing the death of her parents and deportation of her younger siblings, Rywka, at the age of 14, began to record her thoughts and dreams in a precious diary. Discovery of this rare manuscript prompted exhaustive research into what actually happened to Rywka. While it is known that Rywka survived the war, collaborative efforts of archivists and historians around the world have not uncovered the mystery of her ultimate fate. Rywkas surviving cousins with whom she lived in the Lodz Ghetto currently reside in Israel, and a representative from her family will be present at the book launch. The book launch event for The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc will take place on Monday, March 10, 4:30 6:00 pm, at Jewish Family and Childrens Services, 2150 Post St., San Francisco. At age 14, Rywka wrote with great feeling and searing insight about her life in the Lodz Ghetto, said Dr. Anita Friedman, Executive Director of Jewish Family and Childrens Services. Rywka and her teenaged cousins lived in deplorable conditions before being deported to Auschwitz. They endured forced labor, a death march, and extreme suffering. She was a young survivor, and her diary serves as an important educational resource that high school students relate to and that Holocaust educators across the globe are using to inspire moral courage and activism in future generations. In conjunction with the book, web-based learning tools are also being developed to assist educators and students throughout the world in learning more about the Holocaust. On March 10, 2014, an unedited version of The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc will be available online for scholars, educators, and students, as well as the Polish transcription and the scanned copy of the original manuscript. Lehrhaus is honored to be the partner of the JFCS Holocaust Center in translating, editing, and publishing the Diary of Rywka Lipszyc, said Fred Rosenbaum, Founding Director of Lehrhaus Judaica and the author of a chapter in the book. The diary is an invaluable historical document because it was written in the Lodz Ghettothe largest and most oppressive in all of Europebetween October 1943 and April 1944during a period not covered by any other young diarist and a time of severe disease and hunger in the ghetto. She was also one of the relatively few religious teenage Holocaust diarists, and her entire journal is infused with an abiding faith in God. Judaism was her comfort and her shield as she came of age amidst unspeakable suffering and cruelty. To pre-order The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc, contact books@jfcs.org. To learn more about the JFCS Holocaust Center: www.jfcs.org/holocaustcenter To learn more about Lehrhaus Judaica: www.lehrhaus.org Media Contacts:Andrea Burnett, 650-207-0917, andrea@andreaburnett.com Robert Miller, 415-449-1294, robertm@jfcs.org Christine Coleman, 415-449-1222, christinec@jfcs.org

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Stable and 'nurturing,' Jacksonville's Jewish Family & Community Services endures after 96 years

First, lets dispense with two commonly held misconceptions about Jewish Family & Community Services in Jacksonville. You dont have to be Jewish to benefit from its social programs, which range from emergency assistance to adoptions. And its not the same organization as the Jewish Community Alliance. Despite having been in Jacksonville for 96 years, Jewish Family & Community Services has an identity problem. But over the next few years, leading up to its 100th anniversary, the nonprofit hopes to correct misconceptions of what it is and what it does. We are one of those better-kept secrets of Jacksonville, which is a shame, said Jim Kempner, former president of the board of directors who has been affiliated with the agency for about 17 years. But we have been growing, getting a bigger voice in the community. In 1917 the agency now known as Jewish Family & Community Services was founded in Jacksonville to help immigrating Russian Jews resettle in North Florida. In the intervening years, the agency evolved into a nonprofit that serves the entire Jacksonville community by providing direct client services, emergency assistance, counseling, adoption assistance for birth mothers and families, child safety and prevention support, senior services, education and outreach, dropout prevention for middle school students and more. About 15,000 people a year receive services. The mission is helping people help themselves, said Colleen Rodriguez, who has been at the agency for 16 years and its executive director for three years. She is the first non-Jew in that position. The Jewish community is our core heritage, she said. But in 1983 our board decided to serve the entire community. The agency kicks off a public awareness campaign Thursday with a fundraising gala called You Can Count On Us. The two prominent philanthropic couples serving as honorary chairs of the event Linda and Laurie DuBow, who are Jewish, and Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver, who are not personify the Jewish Familys diversity.

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Diamonds for a Cause Fundraiser for Jewish Family Service – NBC40.net

Jewish Family Service was happy to host its seventh annual cocktail party themed “Diamonds For a Cause” this evening. Jewish Family Service serves nearly 4,000 residents in Atlantic and Cape May counties, providing services such as outpatient counseling, support for the elderly and other programs for the homeless and those with mental illnesses.Tonight at the “Luke Pallandino Restaurant” at Harrah’s Resort, community members came together to enjoy cocktails and partake in a raffle with the grand prize of diamond earrings, courtesy of Bernie Robbins Jewelers. All proceeds from tonight’s event go to the Jewish Family Service. “It’s such an amazing event. We raise $50,000 for Jewish Family Service and it’s just getting bigger and bigger every year and it’s such a great thing for our community,” said Fara Burns, Co-Chair of the event. “And it’s so wonderful to see everybody here having a good time, learning about Jewish Family Service and knowing that their dollars are going for important services in the community,” said Andrea Steinberg, Executive Director of Jewish Family Service. At last year’s event, Jewish Family Service raised nearly $50,000 and hopes to raise more this year.

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Jewish Community Board celebrates century

2/27/2014 – West Side Leader Shown at top right is Akrons Assistant to the Mayor for Community Relations Billy Soule as he presents a commemorative plaque to JCBA President Debra Shifrin and JCBA Centennial Chair Mark Bober. April Sharrock, of Clinton, is pictured at bottom right as she reads about Jerry Shaw on a historical display that shows highlights of the past 100 years. Shown above, from left, enjoying a toast during the event are Bober, Jewish Community Board CEO David Koch, Judy Grundfast and Beth El Congregation Rabbi Stephen Grundfast. Also in attendance, shown at right middle, were Rabbi Robert Feinberg, of Temple Israel, and Laura Lee Garfinkel, of Akron. According to JCBA officials, the organization was founded in February 1914 when 30 visionary members of Akrons Jewish community united to respond to needs within the community as Federated Jewish Charities. Over the years, the organization has raised funds for Jews in need locally and around the world, as well as encouraged understanding through education and collaboration within the Jewish community and other faith and civic organizations. JCBA officials also said that through its annual Jewish Welfare Fund Campaign, the JCBA supports social, educational, recreational and cultural services for all ages provided by the Shaw JCC, the Lippman School, Jewish Family Service and Hillels at The University of Akron and Kent State University. By Kathleen Folkerth

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Being Jewish in Germany Or Not

Tales of Feeling Like a Stranger in One’s Own Country Wikimedia Commons Strangers in Germany: The Jewish Memorial in Berlin as seen in 2012. Stranger in My Own Country: A Jewish Family in Modern Germany By Yascha Mounk *Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 272 pages, $26 Marcel Reich-Ranicki, postwar Germanys leading literary critic, who died last year at the age of 93, once described himself as half Polish, half German and wholly Jewish. Reich-Ranicki later denied that claim, insisting instead that he felt equally an outsider everywhere. The former literary pope, as he was known, makes a cameo in Stranger in My Own Country, a curious new book by Yascha Mounk, which comes with heady endorsements that promise it will change how we view the German-Jewish relationship. Part family history, part memoir, but mostly a condensed history lesson told in a brisk 272 pages, Mounk, a doctoral candidate at Harvard, uses his own reading of postwar German history to bolster his argument that, even at this remove from the Holocaust, it is impossible for a Jew to feel at home in Germany and among Germans. It is a thesis worth taking seriously, even though Mounk does himself few favors by attempting to bolster his argument with unfocused (and often problematic) historical analysis. Mounk admits that he doesnt have a very sharp understanding of why he stopped feeling German. He describes his flag-waving enthusiasm at the age of eight when Germany won the 1990 World Cup; then 20 years later, he is puzzled when he is unable to cheer the Germans on in the same tournament. I had stopped rooting for the German team, or identifying with Germany, or thinking of myself as German. Until today, Im not quite sure why this happened. He isnt? Its little wonder, then, that so little of the book is, in fact, about his personal experience. Stranger in My Own Country is subtitled A Jewish Family in Modern Germany, but by my count, only a dozen pages or so are devoted to Mounks complicated family saga, which stands among the best aspects of the book. But much of the other writing can feel formulaic, and the way Mounk often repeats his main points seems more for the authors benefit than for the readers. Mounk is right is in pointing out the naivet and annoying insistence one often encounters from Germans who automatically expect Jews to be experts on everything from kashrut to Israeli politics. He writes about the understandable, yet deeply alienating fear of German gentiles of making a misstep in dealing with Jews that makes the simplest interaction between Jew and Gentile quickly degenerate into a politically correct comedy of errors. He also points to what he considers the poisonous role of philo-Semitism, the German enthusiasm for Yiddish, klezmer music and other fetishizations of the Eastern European Jewish culture that their ancestors wiped out. Sure, that exists and Ive encountered it. Ive also had my share of awkward conversations about Jews and Judaism, including one with a cabbie who thought he was paying me a compliment by pointing out (1) that there were close to 150,000 Jews in Berlin before the Nazis came to power and (2) the same number of Turks live in Berlin now and (3) werent we better off then!

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Grandmother’s film fest to raise money for nonprofit

A grandmother’s love can run oceans deep and Barbara Wolk is no different. The Boca Raton resident is having her second foreign film festival fundraiser in Delray Beach for A Walk On Water, a nonprofit organization that provides water therapy through surfing for children with autism, cerebral palsy, and muscle diseases and disorders. Her grandson, Dylan, 7, is autistic and benefits from the therapy. “I’m so passionate about him,” Wolk said. She is showing “Live and Become,” an Israeli film from 2005 that won more than 25 awards from various film festivals including those in Cannes, Berlin and Vancouver, Jan. 15 at The Weisman Delray Community Center, part of Ruth and Norman Rales Jewish Family Services. “Something we do all the time is help people. This is our first time working with them,” said Risa Demato, vice president of the community center. “We’re very excited to offer the opportunity for our seniors to see a movie and to help out a fellow organization.” The drama, directed by Radu Mihaileanu, is based on actual events about a young Ethiopian, Solomon, who is swept up into Operation Moses, a joint effort between American and Israeli troops aimed at relocating Jewish refugees from Africa to Israel. Hoping to shield her son from an impoverished life, his mother forces him to declare himself Jewish and join the exodus. The boy is adopted by a Sephardic family and migrates to Israel. The film showing benefits the organization with a $5 donation; doors open at 2 p.m. with the film starting at 2:30 p.m. Wolk said she hopes other foreign film lovers attend the screening, which concludes with an educated discussion on the film’s themes. “I’ve always been interested in other cultures. There’s more feelings that come out (in foreign films) than in Hollywood (movies),” she said. “I love foreign films because they’re different. They’re not boring.”

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Holocaust (TV Mini-Series 1978) – IMDb

Edit Storyline “Holocaust” follows each member of the Jewish Family Weiss throughout Hitler’s reign in Germany. One by one, the family members suffer the horrible fate of extermination under Anti-Semetic Nazi Law until only one son remains at the end of World War II. A sub-plot follows the story of Eric Dorf, a young German lawyer with a good heart who is changed into a mass murderer by membership in the SS. Written by Anthony Hughes

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Utah’s Jewish community to honor three ‘inspiring women’

Theyve nurtured a generation of Jewish children and young people.

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Jewish Family Service Receive Tribute

Jewish Family Service Receive Tribute Medicine Coupons by Charles Myrick of ACRX http://www.freehealthcarenews.com .” Enjoy a brief recap of this great organization doing a fantastic service in the community!” -Charles Myrick – President … By: healthcarehelpnews

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Jewish Learning – Foundations of Jewish Living – Mondays

Categories Events, Outdoors | Recreation, Sports Foundations of Jewish Family Living is a new curriculum for parents. Developed by the renowned Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, and a project of the Hebrew University, the curriculum brings to life the master stories from our tradition and the profound messages they convey.

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LA Jewish group rejects pedophile report

A PROMINENT Los Angeles Jewish welfare group has rejected an Australian media report it shielded a self-confessed pedophile being investigated for abusing boys in Sydney.

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Jewish Family Service workshop on forgiveness offers 6 CEUs

Professionals are invited to learn an alternative to forgiveness when Jewish Family Service hosts award-winning author and national media guest Janis Abrahms Springs for ‘Don’t Ask Me to Forgive You!’

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Chapel Haven's Jewish Students Organization celebrates the faith

By Pamela McLoughlin pmcloughlin@nhregister.com / Twitter: @mcpamskids NEW HAVEN As the Jewish holiday of Purim approaches, students in Chapel Havens Jewish Students Organization are excited about wearing costumes and attending a celebration with dinner at Jewish Family Service of New Haven.

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Holocaust learning event set for S.F.

The Day of Learning, presented by the Holocaust Center of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, will be held March 17 at Mercy High School in San Francisco.

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Jewish Family Service in Somerville to hold volunteer training for mentor program

Jewish Family Service announces a volunteer training for the Family Mentor Program And Senior Friendly Visitor Program. These programs serve vulnerable and isolated families and homebound seniors mainly through volunteer support with staff supervision. Volunteers provide regularly scheduled home visits which can increase quality of life and wellbeing, improve socialization, and promote access to resources.

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Jews fight for food stamps

Los Angeles January 30, 2013 By Ryan Torok Logo of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program As many Americans worried about the wide implications of the fiscal cliff debate at the end of last year, Jewish groups concerned about domestic hunger issues fought to protect one issue in particular: food stamp funding. In a way, they won.

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For everyone! My Jewish Family…… – Video

For everyone! My Jewish Family…… From:Kristin ChauretViews:1 0ratingsTime:00:47More inPeople Blogs

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Horizon Holiday Greeting – Jewish Family Channel – Video

Horizon Holiday Greeting – Jewish Family Channel The Jewish Family Channel, a student production organization, offers holiday greetings.From:HorizonHSVideoViews:0 0ratingsTime:00:41More inEducation

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Catholic Jewish Dialogue of Collier County, 2012 Community Service Day. – Video

Catholic Jewish Dialogue of Collier County, 2012 Community Service Day. Catholic Jewish Dialogue of Collier County – 2012 Community Service Day

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Overview: Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts.m4v – Video

Overview: Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts.m4v Visit www.jfswm.org to learn about our social service agency serving the region for more than 97 years.From:JewishFamilyService1Views:0 0ratingsTime:03:16More inPeople Blogs

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Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester honors volunteers

Two volunteer leaders in the Rochester Jewish community were presented with awards at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochesters annual meeting on June 11, and two programs were recognized. Staci Henning, of Pittsford, was presented with the 2012 Raye K

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There’s help for Holocaust survivors

Try to imagine what it would be like to suffer under the most inhumane living conditions; persecuted, starved, beaten, confined to a concentration camp, facing complete despair and, somehow, hoping that such horror will recede. As if such an image isnt dreadful enough, think about what it would be like to bear witness to genocide, not knowing whether youll be targeted next for extermination. For most of us, this is impossible to accurately visualize, because we are not Holocaust survivors.

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Three top Jewish women activists endorse Obama

Politics June 5, 2012 JTA President Barack Obama at the White House on May 30. Photo by REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Three past and current leaders of Jewish womens advocacy groups endorsed President Obama, citing their concerns about womens rights. Nancy Ratzan, the immediate past president of the National Council of Jewish Women; Barbara Dobkin, the founding chairwoman of the Jewish Womens Archive, the chairwoman of the American Jewish World Service board of trustees and a major donor to a number of causes; and Millie Sernovitz, the chairwoman of Jewish Family and Community Services of South Florida and a past president of Jewish Women International, signed an Op-Ed in the Jewish Journal of Broward County titled Stand With Us.

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