Gaza facing severe fuel crisis – Video

14-02-2012 14:39 The Gaza Strip’s only power station has been shut down, cutting electricity in the area by almost two-thirds. The Palestinian enclave usually relies on fuel smuggled in from Egypt, but the power facility has run out. Gaza is under a sea and land blockade imposed by Israel, which prevents regular shipments of power to the area

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Israel Matzav: Irony alert: Protest by 'Palestinians' whose homes …

UNRWA demolished homes of 171 families in the coastal strip before Hamas came to power in 2006 and Israel tightened its maritime and land blockade on the 1.7 million-strong population, severely restricting the availability …

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Kathy Kelly, “The Siege of Gaza Must End;” A Comment: Rated R

Organizers, supporters and passengers aim to nonviolently end the brutal collective punishment imposed on Gazan residents since 2006 when the Israeli government began a stringent air, naval and land blockade of the Gaza Strip explicitly …

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Israel praises troops who raided Gaza flotilla | AAJ News

The commandos killed nine activists from Turkey in the May 31 raid, which worsened already strained ties with Turkey and ultimately forced Israel to ease its land blockade of Gaza . “ Gaza has become an Iranian terror base — very close …

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The Truth Will Set You Free: 160 killed in Gaza tunnels: Rights groups

After Israel’s takeover of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters on May 31 and the deaths of nine civilians on the aid convoy, Tel Aviv eased the land blockade of Gaza , allowing in more consumer goods. …

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Helping the Needy in Gaza |

The international aid organization CARE is calling for a greater easing of the Israeli land blockade on Gaza . Martha Myers, Country Director for CARE International in the West Bank and Gaza Strip tells VOA, “80 percent of the Gaza Strip …

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Israel Publishes Measures to Significantly Ease Gaza Land Blockade

Today (July 5), the Government of Israel significantly eased the Gaza land blockade, publishing a short list of controlled goods for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as part of its plan to ease the land blockade.

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Embattled Israel reverses rules on Gaza blockade | GrantsIsrael …

Embattled Israel reverses rules on Gaza blockade JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel said Sunday it was easing a land blockade on the Gaza Strip to allow in all.

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EA WorldView – Archives: June 2010 – Gaza Latest: Israel Warns …

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Cabinet decision to ease the land blockade, allowing more products into the Gaza Strip, would weaken Hamas’s hand while forging a ecurity consensus against the “satellites” of Iran …

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Gaza Latest: Israel Warns Iranian & Lebanese Flotillas; UN Calls …

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Cabinet decision to ease the land blockade, allowing more products into the Gaza Strip, would weaken.

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Israel eases Gaza blockade – middle-east – world |

Israel said it was easing a land blockade on the Gaza Strip to allow in all goods except for arms and materials used to make them.

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In Good Faith: After flotilla raid, Israel to ease Gaza blockade …

Israel agreed Thursday to ease its three-year-old land blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, hoping to quell international outrage over its deadly raid on a flotilla bound for the Palestinian territory, the Associated Press reports. …

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Israel considers easing Gaza blockade – RT Top Stories

Earlier on Wednesday, officials claimed the Cabinet would likely ease the land blockade of the Palestinian area, as it wanted to stop the world’s major organizations’ condemnation over Israel’s recent deadly raid on a flotilla .

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